How to Hydrate Properly for Runners

It’s getting hot out there, and we hear it all the time: hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. But is it as simple as chugging a ton of water? We sat down with our Safety Director, Sean (we call him Safety Sean because that’s more fun) to compile some tips for how to hydrate before runs, during races, and general hydration knowledge so you can be safe in that summer sun!

How to Hydrate Before a Run (or Race)

  • Hydrate prior to race day with plenty of water. Runners often come to the race already dehydrated! Preparation is key.

  • Avoid high doses of caffeine and energy drinks.

How to Hydrate During a Run (or Race)

  • Listen to your body. Drink to your thirst level. You want to make sure you have enough water but don’t force it too much!

  • Electrolyte replacement throughout the race. Check out TAILWIND NUTRITION for some good options.

  • Don’t consume anything on race day that you haven’t trained with.

  • Keeping your core body temperature as low as possible is also a vital component of running in the heat. Dumping cold water on your head and neck and slowing your pace are two great ways to help keep your body’s temperature under control.

How do you know if you’re properly hydrated? Proper hydration is achieved when the runner has clear (light lemonade colored) and copious amounts of urine. So, if you’re peeing a lot, that’s a good sign (even if it’s annoying)!

More than anything else, listen to your body and drink to your thirst level. And consult your doctor if you have a pre-existing condition that may be exacerbated by running in hot conditions. Every body is different. Now get out there and stay hydrated!

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