Sprint Wasatch Back  

Sprints are short and sweet (and in this case, short, sweet, and sweaty). It may have been hot out there, but the course was so beautiful it was well worth it. No wonder, it’s the OG Ragnar race! 

We’ve never seen so many people smiling through the heat and soaking up the sun. We love sprints because they bring together people who love Ragnar but may be unable to commit to a whole weekend event!

One of the best memories we took away from this race was meeting Uncle Robb. He is a long-time Ragnar runner, volunteer, and cheerleader. But he’s been through a 12-year-long journey to where he is today. He used to love running marathons and Ragnars, but after having his leg amputated he wasn’t able to take 100 steps in a row. However, this weekend he was able to volunteer and help other people have life-changing experiences at Ragnar. His excitement and love for Ragnar was infectious. If you’re ever out on the course and need a hype man, look out for Uncle Robb! 

Thank you to our SWAT, staff, volunteers, and community for a great race! We can’t wait to see you all you sprinters next year.  

Trail Colorado

And what can we say about Trail Colorado!? Beautiful weather? Check. Perfect trails? Check. Awesome people? Double check!  

The hills may have been killer, but I’m sure we can all agree the views were well worth the effort! The campsites had some of the coolest decorations we’ve ever seen and the creative costumes were next level.  

Now, for one of the coolest stories we’ve experienced at a Ragnar race this year. A gentleman named Mike accomplished the incredible. He is legally blind and was accompanied by his seeing guide dog Maverick (do we smell a Tom Cruise fan?) to run the race this weekend. Mike and Maverick ran the first leg with a teammate and memorized the loops! Then with the approval from our safety and race directors, he hit the trails with just his dog and completed all 3 loops and then some. He is the first runner to complete a Ragnar unassisted, blind. What a great example of community, support, and inclusivity. **Note: our safety director worked closely with Mike to make sure everything was safe and everyone was comfortable!  

Want some more heartwarming content from Trail Colorado? A local family set up a lemonade stand on the red loop to support runners. The heat and hills didn’t seem quite as bad when you were cheered on and offered lemonade! Thank you to the family for your support and for taking care of our runners!  

Another huge thank you to SWAT, volunteers, and staff for a race for the books! Congrats to our runners and we can’t wait to see you next time.  

Need a little more Ragnar in your life? You’re in luck, the 2022 season is in full swing and there is a whole calendar full of races ready to be run! Oh, and NBD, Trail Colorado, and Sprint Wasatch Back are already open for VIP runners just like you!


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