Newtown High Schooler’s Run For Dylan

The “Butterfly Effect,” at its most simple, is the theory that small acts will ultimately result in bigger waves of change down the line. When you think of a “small act,” I doubt running a Ragnar is the first thing that comes to mind. But for Cameron and Aidan’s senior high school Capstone project, Ragnar had a much larger meaning than just running 200-ish miles… and that was Dylan’s Wings of Change.

Founded in 2015 by Ian Hockley, father of Dylan Hockley, Dyan’s Wings of Change was established as a youth-led social and emotional learning program. Wingman’s main focus is teaching kids leadership skills and giving them opportunities to bond, connect, and form a strong community in the hope of building empathy and connection with others. 

Dylan’s Wings of Change was inspired and named after Dylan Hockley, one of the children killed in the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in December of 2012. Dylan is described and remembered by his friends and loved ones as a boy full of joy and wonder. And that joy has created a ripple effect in those around him. 

We followed the Nighthawks, a Ragnar team co-captained by Newtown High Schoolers Cameron and Aidan, as they ran to complete the 200-ish miles of the 2021 Ragnar Road New England race. Along with their friends, parents and Ian Hockley, their goal was to spread awareness, raise money, and inspire others to create a community that is full of love and hope. 

Watch their journey here: 

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