Best Ragnar Trail Names Ever (So Far)

You may be proud of your last name, but you should be more proud of your team name. Your team name is on the front of your uniform, on your bib that will most likely end up framed and passed around your teammates like the jeans in Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and throughout your campsite. It will echo off the hillsides and mountain sides as you cheer for your teammates or want them to save you and be the name you use to refer to the family that you’re not actually related to. Some team names are meant to last the ages.

These are the best Ragnar Trail team names in history, divided into five categories.
Trail team Names
Only on the Trail

  • Sasquatch Seekers (Ragnar Trail Zion-UT, 2013)
  • Gummi Bear Grylls (Ragnar Trail Appalachians-WV, 2013)
  • Runners of Unusual Strides (Ragnar Trail Appalachians-WV, 2013)
  • You’ve died of dysentery (Ragnar Trail Appalachians-WV, 2013)
  • Climb & Punishment (Ragnar Trail Snowbasin-UT, 2013)
  • Making Mole Hills out of Mountains (Ragnar Trail Snowbasin-UT, 2013)
  • Where’s the Road? (Ragnar Trail Snowbasin-UT, 2013)
  • Trail relay… oh Hill No you didn’t (Ragnar Trail Atlanta-WV, 2014)
  • Trails and Tribulations (Ragnar Trail Atlanta-WV, 2014)
  • Is it Really this Dark in the Forest? (Ragnar Trail Appalachians-WV, 2014)
  • Holy Grail… We’re Hittin the Trail! (Ragnar Trail Vail Lake-CA, 2014)
  • Ales and Trails (Ragnar Trail McDowell Mtn-AZ, 2014)
  • Our Ragnar Team is in-TENTS this year! (Ragnar Trail McDowell-AZ, 2014)
  • We’re going in Circles! (Ragnar Trail Zion-UT, 2015)
  • Low Budget Horror Film (Ragnar Trail Atlanta-GA, 2015)
  • Just a few S’more miles (Ragnar Trail Angel Fire-NM, 2015)
  • Quest for the Holy Trail (Ragnar Trail Angel Fire-NM, 2015)
  • If We Fall, We Will Make a Sound (Ragnar Trail Appalachians-WV, 2015)
  • In-Tent on Running (Ragnar Trail New England-MA, 2015)
  • The Village Idiots (Ragnar Trail New England-MA, 2015)
  • S.O.S. –Stick or Snake (Ragnar Trail Atlanta-GA, 2016)
  • We’re Trail-ing (Ragnar Trail Atlanta-GA, 2016)
  • Burning the Midnight Soil (Ragnar Trail Richmond-VA, 2016)
  • I Relay Like to Camp (Ragnar Trail Richmond-VA, 2016)
  • Legs Done Trail Me Now (Ragnar Trail Richmond-VA, 2016)
  • Trail & Error (Ragnar Trail Zion-UT, 2016)

Our Team is…

  • The Donner Party (Ragnar Trail Tahoe-CA, 2013)
  • Bear Bait (Ragnar Trail Appalachians-WV, 2013)
  • Slow White and the 7 Drunks (Ragnar Trail McDowell Mtn.-AZ, 2013)
  • Better Chafe Than Sorry Trail (Ragnar Trail Vail Lake-CA, 2013)
  • Running Outta Moonshine (Ragnar Trail Vail Lake-CA, 2013)
  • Sleepy in Snowmass (Ragnar Trail Snowmass-UT, 2014)
  • We’re not RELAYted (Ragnar Trail Appalachians-WV, 2014)
  • Scurrying Scientists (Ragnar Trail Vail Lake-CA, 2014)
  • In it for the S’mores (Ragnar Trail Zion-UT, 2015)
  • Oh-Limp-ians (Ragnar Trail Snowmass-CO, 2015)
  • Smokey’s Worst Nightmare!! (Ragnar Trail Snowmass-CO, 2015)
  • Knights of the Buffet Table (Ragnar Trail Angel Fire-NM, 2015)
  • Chafed and Confused (Ragnar Trail Appalachians-WV, 2015)
  • Hall of Shamers (Ragnar Trail Tahoe-CA, 2015)

Ragnar Trial Team names 2
How to Date a Trail Ragnarian

  • The Bachelor (Ragnar Trail Zion-UT, 2013)
  • We Like Big Buttes (Ragnar Trail Zion-UT, 2013)
  • We Needed an Excuse to Cuddle in a Tent (Ragnar Trail Zion-UT, 2013)
  • Fit Chicks and Some Dudes that Followed Us (Ragnar Trail Vail Lake-CA, 2013)
  • Couple’s Retreat??? (Ragnar Trail Zion-CA, 2014)
  • Has anybody seen my wingman? (Ragnar Trail Zion-UT, 2014)
  • Girls Just Wanna Go Run With Boys (Ragnar Trail Atlanta-GA, 2015)
  • The More I Run, The Better You Look (Ragnar Trail Snowmass-CO, 2015)
  • The Campfire Cuddlers (Ragnar Trail New England-MA, 2015)
  • Together for the Long Run (Ragnar Trail Hill Country-TX, 2015)

Only in…

  • Behind the Zion Curtain (Ragnar Trail Zion-UT, 2013)
  • Beauties and the Basin (Ragnar Trail Snowbasin-UT, 2013)
  • Team UnaVAILable (Ragnar Trail Vail Lake-CA, 2014)
  • Worst Vail Ski Trip Ever! (Ragnar Trail Vail Lake-CA, 2014)
  • ATL (Already Totally Lost) (Ragnar Trail Atlanta-GA, 2015)
  • Move your Snowmass over (Ragnar Trail Snowmass-CO, 2015)
  • Tahoe-Yo-Ho a Trail Runner’s Life for Me (Ragnar Trail Tahoe-CA, 2015)
  • Knox Knox, Who’s There? (Ragnar Trail Fort Knox-KY, 2016)


  • 8! No Mountain High Enough (Ragnar Trail Tahoe-CA, 2013)
  • Dude, where’s my van? (Ragnar Trail McDowell Mtn.-AZ, 2013)
  • The Moose are Loose (Ragnar Trail Snowmass-CO, 2014)
  • Don’t tell my boss… I’m really not sick (Ragnar Trail Zion-UT, 2014)
  • Against Medical Advice (Ragnar Trail McDowell Mtn.-AZ, 2014)
  • Avengers 2.UH-OH! (Ragnar Trail Zion-UT, 2015)
  • ET Run Home (Ragnar Trail Appalachians-WV, 2015)
  • afrerNUUNrun (Ragnar Trail Appalachians-WV, 2015)
  • Grizzly Marmot Revival (Ragnar Trail Tahoe-CA, 2015)
  • Tyrannosaurus Flex (Ragnar Trail Tahoe-CA, 2015)
  • If you’re not first, you’re last… damn I’m last (Ragnar Trail Vail Lake-CA, 2015)
  • Our Wifi Password is Manatees (Ragnar Trail Fort Knox-KY, 2016)
  • Beets Don’t Kale My Vibe (Ragnar Trail Richmond-VA, 2016)
  • Game of Groans (Ragnar Trail Zion-UT, 2016)

Trail'er Trash Team name
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