2021 Spring Gear Guide

Springtime calls for sneak peeks of sun-soaked blue skies and encounters with the invisible stuff we like to call wind. Oh… and the occasional rain shower brought to us by mother nature herself.

But you’re a Ragnarian. And the wind, rain, and sun in your eyes can’t stop you from getting out and running.

So, we’ve put together a list of our favorite spring gear to help you get through Spring training. 



First off, let’s talk Base Layers. We can’t get enough of these colors! Not only does their vibrancy bring safety to your road runs, but these lightweight, breathable Craft Tee’s also have the perfect amount of temperature regulation for layering on cooler days or rocking solo on warmer days. 
This t-shirt has nano weight mesh in the back making it your go-to shirt to feel like you’re running, well, without a shirt on.
This t-shirt is similar but is rounded at the bottom, elongating the back + has a pleat for additional width and drape. You’ll want to run, sleep, eat, and drink in this shirt.


Next, let’s talk about Mid-Layers. Even though it’s getting warmer you still might find yourself needing a little somethin’ somethin’ for those crisp morning runs or when the sun goes down before you make it home. 

Craft ¼ Zip Activity Mid-Layer: Men and Women

This Mid-Layer provides the perfect amount of coverage to take care of the chill. Plus, the lightweight and stretchy fabric will give you the perfect amount of body hug without being skin-tight. We love to throw this one on when we’re warming up and cooling down. And when you’re feeling a little frisky in the brisky, give that zipper a tug down. Seriously though, this Mid-Layer is one of those “just right” temperature control pieces.


Things getting a little too breezy? (And no, we’re not talking about your runs getting easier.) We hope the wind is always at your back, but in the case that it isn’t, we have a solution for that. Let’s talk about all your spring Top Layer essentials.
Ladies, I mean come on, look at this. You’ll instantly feel like an Olympian in this jacket. People will notice you. Literally! Reflective prints at the front and back make it easy for traffic to see you. 
The fabric is also wind AND waterproof (WP 10,000). The hood has adjustable straps (and if you don’t want it flapping in the wind like a little parachute, you can roll it up.) Now, we know from personal experience, some wind jackets equal an in-house personal sauna. Kind of like wearing a trash bag… But NOT this jacket. You will enjoy relief from laser-cut ventilation found in the armpits. Read that sentence again. Laser. Cut. Ventilation! In the armpits. And it doesn’t stop there. There is plenty of ventilation throughout the jacket, in the back and around the hood. With this jacket, you can breathe easy.
Gentlemen. We see you too. This jacket has all-over reflective print for enhanced visibility. There are concealed zip pockets to store whatever your heart desires. Two thumbs up. Mainly for the sweet thumb loopholes.


Okay enough with the inclement weather. Let’s talk sunshine. We’re here for it but also don’t want our retinas to detach… Goodr OG Running Sunglasses are absolutely perfect for any run.
They’re lightweight, actually stay in place and are polarized with UV400 protection. They come in a ton of cool colors and patterns that make them the perfect sunnies to wear anytime and any occasion.


To feel loose, make things tight. Wait, what? To prevent injury and increase circulation flow, we recommend Pro Compression Calf Sleeves. Focused compression around the calf helps with muscle support and since we’re all about the sweat wicking technology, these are made with anti-microbial fabric for moisture and odor control. It’s the support you never you knew needed.

This isn't the end. ... It's just the beginning.

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