Trade Your Vans for Tents and Try a Ragnar Trail Relay

Running is a bit of an open relationship. Though the road will always be home, sometimes you need to get a little dirty to satisfy your needs. So, hold on tight for a bumpy and wild ride that only a Ragnar Trail Relay can offer. If you’re ready to play the game, here’s how you can run trails for a weekend without ending things with road.
Ragnar Trail Race
Trade in Your Vans for Tents
Though there’s nothing more classic than the back of a car, spending the weekend in a tent is a great way to mix things up. The village serves as the central point of the race where all the runs leave from. This allows teams set up camp, complete with plastic flamingos, leis, signs, hammocks and couches, and spend any time not running chilling, cooking bacon for breakfast or maybe even sleeping.
Tents at Ragnar Trail
Trade in Your Road Shoes for Trail Shoes
Road shoes are the Barney Stinson of running shoes, always clean and dressed to a tee. For something a little more adventurous, get a pair of trail running shoes. These shoes are built for rough trails. Trail shoes are stiffer to support your feet and ankles as you run over uneven ground, have more defined traction to help you grip steep areas or rocks and have thicker soles that offer protection for the bottom of your feet.

Trade in 36 legs for 3 loops
Compare your stories easier. During a Ragnar Trail race, all eight team members run the same three loops, which means you get to debate which one is easiest, which one is prettiest and which one you want to do in the dark.

Trade in Gym Floors for Hammocks
Both Road and Trail Ragnars will keep you up all night, so you’ll need to sneak in sleep whenever possible. There’s nothing like a hammock to catch some shut eye outdoors. Or just sneak away into your team’s tent fort between your runs.
Hammocks at Ragnar Trail
Trade in Road Side Stops for Camp Food
You’ll need energy to go the next round. While on the road, you get to explore the local flavor, at trail relays, you get your fill of the always good camp food. This includes free dinner on Friday night, s’mores, a near endless supply of coffee and hot chocolate and whatever other foods you bring to cook over the fire.

Trade in Two Groups of 6 for One Group of 8
Build a team that you’ll share way too many sweaty moments and memories with. While on the road, it might seem that there is a phantom van that you swear you see at the occasional major exchange, at trail, you’ll see everyone on your team of eight (maybe even too much).

There’s nothing better than doing it in the dirt. Find your dream Ragnar Trail race or read 7 Secrets to Building the Ultimate Ragnar Trail Team to try a little something new.

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