7 Secrets To Building The Ultimate Ragnar Trail Team

The word “teammate” doesn’t encompass all that your Ragnar Trail team will become to you. Maybe you’ll start your Ragnar journey as strangers or you’ll start it thinking you’re best friends, but after a weekend of running, camping and eating s’mores together, your teammates will become more. They become your future maids of honor and groomsmen, the god-parents to your next child and your new (not quite legally, but you’ve asked your parents) adopted brothers and sisters. If you are ready to embark on the journey of building a team, here are tips to go from eight (or four) strangers/ acquaintances/ friends to teammates.

Tip One: Gather a Group of Adventurers
The first step is to ask a few friends if they’re crazy enough to join you. So, ask that one friend who always has scraped up shins from blazing trails, that friend who somehow did an ironman while raising two kids, that friend who is starting to run and falling in love with it or the one that just posted a picture of themselves jumping off a cliff. Ragnar Trail is 24-ish hours of rock jumping, mud running, stream crossings and exploring. It’s the perfect race for those friends you have who are always ready to try something new. Remember, you don’t have to be a runner to run a Ragnar.

Tip Two: Find Friends Who Like Camping
Get ready to get cozy. Your 300 square-foot space will become your home for the weekend and you’ll have to bring everything to furnish it. Ask friends who are avid campers to join your team, Ragnar Trail is an adventure right up their ally and they can help you fill your space with everything you need: tents, chairs, canopies, a table, sleeping bags, mats, hammocks and pillows.
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Tip Three: Find a Team Identity
Maybe you want your team to be made up of record setters, maybe you need everyone to look good in a tutu (it really accentuates your calf muscles) or maybe you’re just trying to find some people who aren’t afraid of the dark. Figure out your team identity to help narrow your search and find like-minded people.
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Tip Four: Announce to the World that You need Teammates
If you have anywhere from ten friends to an avid following on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat or your blog, put the announcement out that you’re looking for teammates. Include your team identity, how much beer you’re requesting in payment and a slight warning about how little sleep you might get during the weekend.

Tip Five: Ignore the Stranger Danger Lessons You’ve Been Taught (sorta)
If you still have open spots on your team, look for interested runners on the “Find a Runner” Tab in your team profile or on posts in the Facebook Event Page. Trust us, after 24+ hours in a tent and around a campfire, you’ll become friends. Just make sure they don’t have any Michael Myers masks in their Facebook pictures.

Tip Six: Be prepared for the Unexpected
With eight runners, the odds that one will get hurt, be forced to work or have a scheduling conflict are surprisingly high. Prepare to try and snag a runner at the last minute or train to run an extra leg or both. You never know what will happen.

Tip Seven: Run with a Charity
Make your running mean something. You can use your Ragnar run to fundraise for a great charity or a cause of your choosing (plus, you’ll get an extra shirt). To find out which charities are already fundraising for your race, click the “Extra Mile” box on the event page (midway down and on the right-hand side). If you already have a specific charity or cause in mind, register with a team and use Ragnar as a platform to fundraise. Just remember, your pain during the third leg is temporary but the good you’re doing lasts a lifetime.

It’s time to take your friendships (even with that person who’s a stranger) to a new level. It’s time to become Ragnar teammates. If you have your teammates, read 5 Tips for Newbie Trail Captains to prepare for the race.
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