5 Safety Tips for Ragnar Trail Runners

Ragnar is an event designed to push your limits. Amidst the tremendous teamwork, minimal shut-eye, and rigorous running, prioritizing safety can become a challenge. Here at Ragnar, safety is our number one priority. Preparation, safety gear and awareness can lead to a successful, fun-filled race! Let’s take a closer look at some tips for conquering Ragnar safely.

A cohesive team is key to conquering all that Ragnar has to offer. Know your teammates’ pace, as well as their tentative arrival time. If an issue arises, shoot them a text to check in. Cell service can be shaky at trail races; therefore, we would recommend stocking up on long-range walkie talkies if constant communication is an absolute necessity for your team.

Stay Alert
Though this may seem obvious, exhaustion impedes your form, followed by your critical thinking. The last thing you want is to zone out while running and suffer an ankle sprain or worse. If you need music, try running with one earbud on low. As much as you may need that killer playlist to get through the final leg of a trail, diminishing your hearing can cause you to lose awareness.

Be Noticeable
Are you an early bird or a night owl? Be sure to wear proper attire to hit the trails while the sun is down. Bright colors and reflective clothing should ensure that others are aware of your location. Head lamps and tail lights are extremely effective to make yourself distinguishable in the dark as well. These two separate forms of light will aid with one’s depth perception, especially when running outdoors. Another consideration while packing is to ensure you have enough batteries or power sources.

Stay on the Trail and Watch Your Step
Beware of wildlife. Staying on the trail is an effective means of avoiding Arizona’s dangerous critters and shrubbery; but obviously, this is not a foolproof method. Keep an eye out for poison ivy, identified by its trademark three-leaf growth pattern, and cacti, of which the jumping cholla is the most troublesome. Additionally, most Arizonan critters, namely scorpions and snakes, are nocturnal predators so watch your step when the sun goes down!

Be Prepared
You never know what adversities you may face on a trail. Be prepared by stocking a pack with a couple essentials that can make a huge difference when you’re out on the trails. We’d recommend packing some snacks, extra hydration, sunscreen, and for if electronics fail you, a whistle and a compass.


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