Signed up to Love-A-Trail, but a bit spooked by the trails? Have you logged hundreds of miles running on roads, but still a newbie on the trails? Even if you are a trail-running pro, we’ve got a few tips to help you feel ready to log your 6-ish trail miles on May 5th – 6th. 

  1. Trail running shoes – Road running shoes are designed with different needs in mind. You’ll need shoes that are designed to deal with more advanced terrain, rocks and dirt.
  2. A pack – to carry your fuel, water and to grab any trash you might happen upon. Don’t overload yourself, but it’s wise to be prepared.
  3. A phone – just in case. Headphones optional, nature provides her own soundtrack.
  4. Night gear – the sun can set faster than you expect on trails, especially if you are running in canyons. Be extra cautious and bring a flashlight, headlamp and extra jacket.
  5. Let someone know where you’re headed – Tell your bestie, mom or buddies on Facebook. It’s wise to let people know where you are running.
  6. Bring a friend – It’s a scientific fact – running is more fun with friends. Having a friend on your adventure is more important than getting a PR on the trail, so bring a buddy.
  7. Take water – Maybe even more than you think you need. It’s a horrible idea to drink from a stream, and trail running is often more challenging than running those same miles on a road. Hydrate people!

This challenge is all about getting outside, enjoying a trail near you, and trying to help preserve it for others to enjoy. So get out there, be smart, and enjoy the trails near you!

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