A Ragnar captain is a very special person, some may call them a saint. This person is a combination of the soccer mom who always remembers to pack the oranges, your company’s most organized spreadsheet wizard, and a mentor who knows your untapped potential. Nothing that a Ragnar captain does is unplanned; from picking out the van decorations, to the logo on your team shirts, and making sure everyone is running the right leg.

Captains are the ones who facilitate the fun for the team. And in the end? You’re all in for a life changing event.

Think you want to become a fearless Ragnar leader? Sign your team up for a 200-ish mile overnight running adventure, plan out your budget, and then print this checklist to keep you organized.

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  • If we are coming from across the country, do we still need to pay/provide volunteers?
    Historically I thought is everyone on our team was from far away then we didn’t have to have these. Can you please confirm~

  • Here is my dumb question: I can’t figure out how to add my teammates to my account so I can enter their runner legs. How do I do this please?

  • There should be a link on your Ragnar team page to invite runners. Once they accept the invitation they will appear on your page.

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