Ragnar Trail Black Loop

It’s NEW. It’s built for two. And it’s available at select 2019 Trail Relays:

How does this really work?
There will be a mass start on Day 1, where you and your teammate will complete the Green Loop together. Once you both (running together) finish Green, you and your teammate will have a one-hour window between approximately 4:00 PM and 5:00 PM to start the Yellow Loop (running together).

Wrap up Yellow together and take a short break to recover until it’s time to tackle the Red Loop. Once again, you and your teammate will have a one-hour start time window between approximately 9:00 PM and 10:00 PM to start the Red Loop together.

Beginning at approximately 7:00 AM on Day 2, we will begin sending teams out, one team at a time, to the Black Loop based on Day 1 aggregate loop times (Green + Yellow + Red). Together, you and your teammate will take on the infamous Black Loop course with breathtaking views and climbs so challenging you’ll want to slap a race director.

Important to note: The exact start time will be set closer to the race.

Which Trail Races have a Black Loop?
For the 2019 season, the following Ragnar Trail events will have a Black Loop option: Appalachians, Tahoe, Rainier, Wawayanda and So Cal. And more coming soon!

How do I register for Black Loop?
Black Loop teams are a Team Division type that you can select during registration for any participating Ragnar Trail event that has a Black Loop.

How am I assigned my team’s Black Loop start time?
The Black Loop start time on Saturday morning will be based on your team’s aggregate (Green + Yellow + Red) loop times. The 1st place team will start at 7:00AM. Your start line will be calculated depending on how many minutes behind you are from the leading time. For example, if you are seven minutes behind, your start time will be 7:07 am.

The first team to the finish line of the Black Loop wins the race overall!

How much does it cost?

Cost of entry is $390 per team of two ($195 per runner).

Do we still have to provide a volunteer?
Sure don’t!

I am already signed up for a Standard or Ultra team for this Ragnar Trail Race, can I transfer into this division?
Yes. If you have already registered and paid for a Standard or Ultra team, we will allow you to transfer. You will be given a Ragnar Credit for the difference in the team registration cost that you can put toward any future Ragnar race within the next 12 months.

If you have any questions about this or want to transfer to a Black Loop team, please contact Ragnar: [email protected]

Does this take place during the normal Ragnar Trail race?
Yes. You will be running with the other runners of this event on the Green, Yellow and Red Loops. The Black Loop however is a separate team type/challenge with the normal Ragnar Trail event.

Is this the first time this has been done?
No! Under the Ragnar Innovation Lab, we held our Ragnar Black Loop experiment event last November at our So Cal Trail race. It went so well that we are expanding Black Loop to five Ragnar Trail races in 2019 – Appalachians, Tahoe, Rainier, Wawayanda and So Cal. And more coming soon!

What if I run faster than my teammate?
For optimal Black Loop enjoyment, we highly recommend you run together. Your time will end when the second teammate completes each loop. It is expected that you are within shouting distance of your partner at all times while on course. This is for safety reasons and also to help encourage each other to run the best you can.

Do I really have to run with my teammate the whole time?
Nope. As stated above, you don’t necessarily need to run together, but your time is based on the teammate that finishes second. And we swear it will be more fun to run with your teammate.

Is this supported?
There will be aid stations throughout the Black Loop with hydration options and food. In addition, we recommend that you still bring your own snacks and hydration. Note that all Ragnar hydration stations are cupless.

What is included with the swag?
You will receive a special Black Loop shirt and medal. As per our normal trail races, you will also have access to the village, vendors, camping area, Friday night dinner for each runner, unlimited coffee / hot cocoa, and unlimited s’mores.

Will I also receive a regular Ragnar Trail event shirt and finisher medal?
No. Since the Black Loop is a Team Division type within the overall Ragnar Trail event, you will receive a Black Loop finisher medal and specific Black Loop division participant shirt.

What Team Classifications are there?
There will be a men’s, women’s and mixed division within Black Loop.

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  • Any idea which Ragnar trail races in 2020 will have the black loop?? Just seeing these and I live in Iowa and want to plan for 2020!!

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