Everyone loves seeing the weird costumes at Ragnar races, unless they’re actually hallucinations from dehydration. Don’t worry, here are some general hydration tips* to keep you hydrated.

Also remember:

  • Use what works best for you to carry water – handheld running bottle, a waist belt or a running hydration vest.
  • Mix electrolytes with your water to optimize your electrolyte levels and keep you hydrated.
  • Monitor your urine color as it should be light yellow and transparent if you’re adequately hydrated.
  • Keep your core body temperature as low as possible while running in the heat. Dump cold water on your head/neck and slow your pace to help keep your body’s temperature under control.
  • Know your limits and be aware of the signs of dehydration.Also, be sure to consult your doctor if you have a pre-existing condition that may be exacerbated by running in hot conditions.

*Hydration needs vary from person to person and depending on duration of physical exertion, temperature, sodium levels, and other general health factors.

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