5 Ragnar Alternative Badges of Honor

Ready for Ragnar? Before you even know it, race-day will be right around the corner and everything you’ve trained and worked hard to prepare for will be waiting for you: the early morning hustle to the starting line, the insane dash to get everything together for your team and the mad-rush of excitement when it’s your turn to run! And the best part? That bling, baby!

Waiting for you and your team is a bright, shiny finisher’s medal you’re gonna geek-out about once you have it in your possession—trust us. They’re a little bit over-the-top, and we’re not ashamed to admit it. But, Ragnar runners know that the journey itself comes with a set of special rewards along the way. Let’s take a moment to day-dream about these alternative badges of honor you’ll receive from your weekend of fun.

That golden, stripey glow…The Runner’s Tan.
Don’t knock your stripes—you worked hard to earn ‘em! The “runner’s tan” comes in a variety of shades, gradients and combinations. Some of our personal favorites involve the unfortunately placed headband stripe, the reverse-sticker-tattoo and the “I wore different lengths of shorts” all season—ombre.

The “Don’t look at my toes” Blister Horror Show.
Yes, it happens: dehydration, the wrong sized shoes, holy-socks. You might get some blisters. And, hey, runners deal with difficult things. That’s what we do. After all, if it were easy, we probably wouldn’t do it. But, keep in mind: Blisters heal. Wasting your time on the couch is way worse.

The Post-Race Shuffle-Step!
Where are you going in a hurry? Nowhere. That’s where. Walking up the stairs…walking down the stairs! You’re gonna do a special shimmie where ever you go. It’s normal. It means a few things. First, you pushed yourself. Second, you tried. And third, you lived your life on purpose this weekend. You really did. And, if walking a little silly is the side-effect, we’ll take it!

That special smell.
After Ragnar we give you permission to leave your shoes outside from now on. They’re broken-in, and it’s totally OK to never bring them inside again. No amount of “airing them out a little” or “letting them dry” is going to change the fact that you just conquered the most epic course, overnight, for several days, in the wild. It’s OK. Those shoes are your Ragnar Shoes now. They’ll be OK on your doorstep. No one is going to take them.

Your shirt. No, no…your Custom Team Shirt.
The Ragnar finishers’ shirts commemorate your accomplishment as an athlete, an adventurer and a wild soul looking for a special experience beyond the average. But, your custom team shirt? The one that no one else on this entire planet owns beyond you and the runners willing to go with you through this journey? Into the night? When you were tired and sore? Who cheered for you and believed in you and watched the sun rise and set over some of the most spectacular scenery? That shirt.

These badges of honor are bonuses. They feel like an extra-holiday, a double-scoop of your favorite ice-cream, bonus fries. They may not be obvious to outsiders, but that just makes them even better. It’s the inside knowledge that you soaked up every minute you had over the entire weekend. The warm fuzzies you get when you wear that one strange shirt you custom designed with your team logo on it. The strange way you can’t walk right for a few days after, or the way fact that your shoes will never be quite the same again. You can’t really bottle it; here’s to those moments.

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