The moon is the Earth’s only natural satellite and is the easiest object to find in the night sky. On July 27th, under a “Micro Full Moon” Ragnarians will unite together to run 6.7 miles each, and collectively run enough miles to circle the moon more than five times!

Let’s commit to put on our running shoes, and going galactic, all for a special cause: challenging ourselves and making an impact while doing it. For every single loop we make around the moon, we will donate to The Hole In The Wall Gang Camp which provides summer adventure camps for seriously ill children, free of charge.

Also, we’ll launch you into space! Just kidding, we’ll launch your name into space with our mini Ragnar space traveler. You will be able to watch live as he attempts to make it into space, and be a part of Ragnar history. Who else can say a part of them made it to space?

While this running challenge is meant to be, well, challenging, we want you to prepare with some of NATHAN sports night time running tips!

1. See and be seen.
Go overboard with light-ups and reflective gear, invest in a quality headlamp to light the way ahead, and carry a handheld to give you good depth perception at your feet.

2. Skip the headphones.
With your sense of sight diminished in the dark, you need to rely on your bat-like hearing. But feel free to play music through your device’s speakers, especially Metallica. (“Exit light, enter night…”)

3. Buddy up.
Ask another runner going out on the same leg if they’ll watch your back—or if you can watch theirs—depending on who’s faster.

4. Rely on technology.
Remember: your team is only a text away, and they can track your location, if you enable GPS tracking beforehand. There are also interactive SOS devices you can carry for emergency situations.

5. Make safety your middle name.
If the night leg still has you running scared, make sure you take your phone with you. For extra piece of mind, some runners carry personal alarms, whistles, or other safety items. Just no scissors. Mom was right about that one.
Stay tuned for more night time running tips, and get those night time miles logged prior to July 27th, so that we can accomplish one, super galactic, out-of-this-world goal!

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