Ragnar Trail Medals and Shirts: The Best Da*n Swag in the World

In our never-ending quest to outdo ourselves, we set out to make this year’s Ragnar Trail shirts and medals the best we’ve ever had.  That quest started in our own drawers (not that kind.)

2015 Ragnar Trail Shirts: 

ragnar trail shirtsLike all runners, we’ve got drawers full of technical shirts. Many of them smell bad and most of them we wear in public only if we have to stop at the grocery store on our way home from our run.  In 2015 we wanted to have a race shirt that looked amazing, felt awesome and was something we would be proud to wear, no matter the cost.  In the end, we decided to spend a little more money on shirts so that we can award you with a shirt you’ll be proud to wear during and after your run and maybe to your sister’s wedding.

Pardon us while we geek out on 2015 shirts for a moment: we chose a 50/50 cotton-poly blend that is soft with a slightly technical feel. No stiff cotton for you. And you can wash it with a fabric softener and it won’t permanently smell like a sweaty tent afterward (a well-known problem with technical shirts.) The shirt material has a soft heather that will hold up well and feels even more plush over time.  We punched up the design, went with comfort, and placed the race details on the sleeve for you to wear like a badge of honor.

ragnar trail shirts 2

We spent more time thinking about shirts than seems reasonable and we hope the extra effort and love translates into a shirt you’ll be proud to wear.  When you put that shirt on, we hope it feels like a warm hug from us to you.

2015 Ragnar Trail Medals

It takes a special kind of dedication to call your self a trail runner. And we want to reward Ragnarians for that dedication by creating a medal that is unlike anything that existed before. We’ve been developing this Top Secret design for a couple of years and we finally found a way to bring it to life.

ragnar trail medal


Yup. This is a medal that can help you survive a week alone in the wilderness.  This is a medal that could (slowly) cut down a small-sized tree. This is a medal that embodies your accomplishment and will inspire awe and jealousy at the same time. This is the 2015 Trail Multi-Tool Medal. Years ago we added a bottle opener to the Ragnar Relay Series and we took that idea to the most unreasonable extreme and we could think of. What have is the coolest thing to ever come out of the Ragnar Design Mad-Scientist Laboratory.

ragnar trail medal

Due to the design of this medal, you cannot in any circumstance put it in your carry-on luggage. TSA won’t like this at all.  You can declare it in your checked baggage, but seriously, don’t even think about putting it in a carry-on. Seriously. There is a very pointy end. We’ll have some shipping envelopes available for purchase at the Ragnar Gear store so you can mail it to yourself after the race if you prefer.  After that, we hope it will help equip you for your greatest adventures.

Ragnarians aren’t content with mediocrity and we wouldn’t settle for anything less than extraordinary when it goes to awards.  Wear them with pride Ragnarians.

beer opening race medal

ragnar trail can opener

Ragnar Trail Medal


Ragnar Trail Tool

About Josh Ferrin

Josh Ferrin is the Creative Director at Ragnar. When he’s not designing kickass medals, he’s probably lost in the mountains or drawing cartoons of his kids. Josh is the co-author of the book Blitz Kids and is known for finding absurd amounts of money in his attic. Follow Josh on Twitter: @joshferrin

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  1. Liz moseley says:

    I’m team leader for two teams I registered, but I am not running (injury), but volunteering. Do I and our other volunteer get a Ragnar shirt?

  2. Bimala says:

    Wow that is the freakin coolest medal I have ever seen. seriously.

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