How to Motivate Yourself When You Really Don’t Want to Run


Salomon Running guest blogger, Addie Bracy, gives tips on how to motivate yourself to run, even when you don’t want to. Addie is a 3-time Olympic Trials qualifier,  2-Time Team USA member and 5-Time Beer Mile Champion.    Even the … Read More

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Kids Run RVA: Changing Lives One Step at a Time


Remember that feeling you had when you ran as a kid? The one of absolute freedom and pure joy? How you didn’t think about time or form? And how crossing the finish line was the best feeling in the world? … Read More

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5 Tips to Be as Sustainable as You Are at Ragnar Trail in Your Day to Day Life


In our dreams, we would get to live like a Trail Ragnarian every day. We’d camp out in some of the most beautiful places in the world waiting for dinner and coffee to magically appear. We’d hit the trails at … Read More

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25 Pick-Up Lines that will Woo the Ragnarian of your Dreams


There they are, standing in the golden light of the rising sun, taking in the view, holding their travel mug full of hot coco or coffee with the slight glimmer of having already run at least 7-miles without showering. This … Read More

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Team RWB: Giving Active Duty Military the Sense of Community in the Islands


Over 40,000 active duty military are stationed in Hawaii. Preston Tharp is one of them. He had always wanted to serve, so after high school, Preston joined the military and moved away from home. Despite being in paradise, it was … Read More

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How to Be a Runcationer at Ragnar Trail North Shore Oahu-HI


At Ragnar, we vacation differently. We believe that basking in the sun feels better between two runs. We believe that if you sleep, you might miss something and that rest should be earned. We believe that you should catch every … Read More

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Plan your next Ragnar Trail with the Ragnar Trail Captain’s Checklist


As a Ragnar Trail Relay Captain, you’ll embrace the leadership qualities of an alpha wolf, the navigational skills of a salmon, the mindset of a raven and the endurance of a horse. You’ll lead seven of your friends (or three … Read More

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5 Ways Running a Ragnar Trail Relay Prepares you for Life


It’s pitch dark, you have scraped knees, mud splattered up your calves, your headlamp just flickered and you can’t tell if what’s falling from the sky is rain, snow, leaves or pine needles. Maybe you’re thinking, “am I really so … Read More

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30-Day #RagnarTraining Challenge Week 4: #TimeToPlay

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Somewhere along the way, working out became a chore. It became something you fit in between grocery shopping and picking the kids up from soccer practice. You spent runs staring at the seconds go by on your watch and spent … Read More

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Ragnar Trail Sustainability by the Numbers


This year, Ragnarians laced up their trail shoes in 19 different states. They conquered 293.5 miles of trail through the desert, up mountains, in jungles and under a billion stars and spent 684 hours running. Throughout the season, Ragnar Trail … Read More

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