You Might Be A Ragnarian If…

  1. You wake up in the middle of the night in a sweat wondering where your runner is.
  2. You text your family and friends to tell them you have 1 mile to go on every run.
  3. You count your kills during every race.
  4. White 12 passenger vans look naked to you.
  5. You own an extensive collection of head lamps, blinking tail lights and reflective vests.
  6. You pack your gym clothes in ziplock bags with dryer sheets.
  7. You look for blue and yellow route markers during races.
  8. You train with a slap bracelet on.
  9. You plan your vacation time around Ragnar races.
  10. And finally… This symbol is on almost everything you own:


Not sure what any of this means? Then it’s time to grab 11 friends and sign up! Choose your Ragnar Relay here.

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Team Jessica is Running in Honor of Jessica Rekos

Team Jessica is running in honor of Jessica Rekos, one of the 6-year-old victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings. Many of our team members grew up in Newtown with Jessica’s parents, Rich and Krista. We all graduated high school in the same class and despite the fact that many of our closest high school friends scattered throughout the country, Rich and Krista decided to keep Newtown as their home. Of our close circle of high school friends, Jessica was the first child – so she holds a very special place in all our hearts. The events of 12/14 caused many of us to be drawn closer to our town and to rally to the support of our lifelong friends as they deal with this unimaginable tragedy.




The idea to run the Cape Cod Ragnar Relay was born out of the fact that the Rekos family had vacationed on the Cape the previous summer – and Jessica loved it. She had made her parents promise to take her there on vacation every summer, and who were they to argue? In Krista’s own words, her baby girl “ruled the roost” – so summer vacations in Cape Cod it would be. And while Jessica can’t enjoy the Cape the same way that she did last summer, it is the intention of Team Jessica to bring her there in spirit as we run the race in her honor.

Our fundraising effort is to help raise awareness for another love of Jessica’s – whales. We are currently working with various marine mammal institutions and advocacy groups on the Cape to find and establish an appropriate way to memorialize Jessica in a meaningful way. We hope that announcement can be made prior to the race – and we are inching closer to a decision in this regard, one that we are very excited about.

We have a team that is a healthy mix of experienced competitive runners and absolute novices. Friends from high school and their wives and husbands. Friends we’ve made through our jobs and walks of life other than Newtown. But we are most proud to have Jessica’s daddy Rich as a member of our team. Our sole intention is to run for our friends, their little girl and her memory.

Anybody seeking information on our cause can visit for more information, and any member of our team can be contacted and will either help you or advise you on the proper person to speak with. We would be very interested in speaking with people who will have information about how we can advance our fundraising efforts and spread our story and Jessica’s story to the other teams and the locals as they cheer us on.

Thank you very much.

Jason McCallum
Team Jessica Rekos

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Support Dylan’s Wings of Change

dylan1-5122334a1e1e7My name is Ian Hockley, I am the father of Dylan, who was taken from us in the Sandy Hook School shooting last 12/14. My wife and I started a foundation to support children with autism and other special needs. Dylan was autistic, and with the help of his teachers, family and friends was making such great progress in his development. We are planning many fund raising activities this year and running is a core focus.

A group of friends from Extreme Fitness Martial Arts in Newtown have formed a team for the Cape Cod Ragnar to raise funds for the foundation. A friend of mine the past 25 years is flying in from the UK to run with us. We have a fund raising target of $25K for this event, plus $10K+ corporate sponsorship.

I have found great solace from training and running specifically, either the isolation of the open road or the camaraderie of a group with a single goal. The team I am running with have supported my family so much these past 3 months since the tragedy.

Here is our team page with runner bios

Here is the memorial to our son Dylan
Our crowdrise page

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First Ever Party Relay to Fight Childhood Cancer


St. Baldrick’s is the official charity of Ragnar Las Vegas and we want you to join us in our first ever Party Relay to Fight Childhood Cancer.

St Baldrick’s is an awesome organization that funds promising research to find cures for childhood cancers and improve the quality of life of survivors.

On Saturday, March 2nd, Ragnar will take part in the annual St. Baldrick’s head shaving event.  But of course, we will be doing it Ragnar style!  Be part of the Ragnar Relay Head Shaving Team and hop from head shaving event to head shaving event.  The day will start with McMullan’s and move from there to four other locations: Ri Ra in the Mandalay bay, Nine Fine Irishmen in New York New York, Vinyl in the Hard Rock, and Commonwealth on Fremont Street.  Participants will be able to ride from spot to spot on a party buys as we “Fight against Childhold Cancer” alongside St. Baldrick’s.

You can participate in this inaugural event in three ways:

1. Let Us Shave Your Head!

Juarez-Sweeney Family - Tanya, Carlo, Gustavo, Fiona

To sign up as a shave and start fundraising, simply click here. Be sure to join the Ragnar team and all information regarding the event will be sent to you. All shavees that reach $100 in fundraising will get free entry onto the party bus, a free drink at each location, a Ragnar t-shirt, and the chance to with other prizes including individual entries into the 2013 Las Vegas Ragnar Event.

2. Join The Team!

If shaving your head is not for you, simply join the team by committing to raise $100 towards the Ragnar fundraising team. All participants raising $100 or donating the $100 will receive entry onto the party bus, a free drink at each location, a Ragnar t-shirt, and the chance to win other prizes.

3. Make A Donation!

MikeandBrent-McCreesh-SouthportFinally, if you can’t join us, you can participate by donating to St. Baldrick’s through the Ragnar Relay team. To do so, just click here and make your donation today! The top three fundraising totals will receive a free Ragnar t-shirt!


St. Baldricks


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