Dylan’s Wings of Change – Ragnar Cape Cod Follow up

dylan hockleyLast month, team Dylan’s Wings of Change, came together and conquered the almost 200 mile course at Ragnar Relay Cape Cod to honor the memory Dylan Hockley, age 6 from Newtown, CT. Six months ago Dylan’s life, and the lives of 25 others, was cut short in the tragedy that took place in the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting. Team Run for Dylan was featured in the race day publication, the Ragmag at Ragnar Relay Cape Cod. The bravery, honesty, and emotion that this team was willing to share with their fellow runners touched both the staff at Ragnar, as well as anyone connected to the event. On the 6 month anniversary of this tragedy, we reached out to the team to find out how the experience of coming together as a team affected the healing process.


“We did (Ragnar) for Dylan,” said Jennifer Carello, a family friend of the Hockley’s and a member of the 12 person team. “We didn’t do Ragnar because we were runners.”


The team ran Ragnar to raise money for Dylan’s Wings of Change. The charity is dedicated to providing support for children with autism and other special needs and committed to positive change for the future. The goal is to ensure that these children can gain access to the vital services they require that enhance their ability to reach their personal potential and lead productive, fulfilling lives.


Team run for Dylan

“We had been in a dark place and running this event brought us a little bit towards the light,” Jennifer said.  Jennifer and her teammates, including Dylan’s father,  collectively raised $20,042 and plan on doing the race again next year – they might even have 2 teams running for Dylan. You can still donate to their cause.


On Jennifer’s night run, her hardest leg of the race, her legs started cramping.  “My legs hurt so bad,” Jennifer explained. “The only thing that kept me going was thinking about Dylan and the other children. The pain is nothing compared to the experience they had.”


Keeping Dylan in mind during the race kept Jennifer and her teammates going. One step at a time, the team is making the world a better place through Dylan’s legacy.


Each and every Ragnar runner has encountered “the dark place” at some point during their 200 mile journey. For many, it is the night leg. For others, it is running through the heat, or running through injury, pain, and even personal self-doubt. It is never easy to make it through these moments and having a team counting on you, supporting you, and walking/running along-side you has often been the key factor in making it through. It feels better on the other side, and maybe part of the appeal of these otherwise insane endeavors is the release you feel when you’ve made it through to the other side.  With many during these dark moments, and certainly for Dylan’s Wings of Change, are the loved ones you hold dear. Sometimes it is the loss of a loved one. Sometimes it is for the hope of recovery. Sometimes it is just to find something inside of yourself that you weren’t even sure you were capable of.  It’s personal and unique for every team.


Certainly for Team Dylan’s Wings of Change, it is a message of hope, loss, pain, and struggle. But also a chance to breathe in and breathe out for a purpose greater than ourselves. We hope that anyone running can find solace in the strength of teams like this; we hope they find joy in their journey too. One mile at a time.


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Ragnar Relay Niagara Ontario – Meet Katie

Katie Aston Seeley

Tomorrow is a day for adventure. A day for pushing oneself beyond the known limits. For crossing the boundaries of self-doubt. This is the first international Ragnar Relay Niagara Ontario. And you, lucky runners, are the very first Ragnarians to conquer the course, one kilometer at a time.

Keeping an eagle eye on all of the participants is a woman who came to Ragnar a year ago with big ambitions and just the right amount of heart to throw together a 311 km overnight relay, and make it look easy. Katie Aston Seeley, the young, up and coming race director, not only wrangled the logistics of this beautiful Ragnar, but managed to do it all this year and get married in her spare time. She’s pretty proud about both accomplishments, but you’ll hear her going on and on about this stunning course. “Ragnar Relay Niagara Ontario is one of the series’ flattest courses, allowing runners to push themselves for even faster times, and teams to push for record completion times for a Ragnar Relay. And, if running itself doesn’t take your breath away, the Toronto skyline at night sure will! Plus, this has to be the most incredible finish line ever: runners will get to celebrate a great finish while looking down at both the American and Canadian Falls in Niagara.” She has a point. But, it’s not just the course that makes this race special. The real secret to an awesome race is, well, you. Katie describes the Ragnar Relay Niagara Ontario as “the most adventurous of the Ragnar Nation, and the bravest of the Canadian running community that truly embodies the Ragnar Viking spirit of venturing to new lands and conquering with a sense of adventure. Plus, Ragnar runners are helping us give back to the Waterfront Regeneration Trust, an organization dedicated to building trails and communities conducive to running and active lifestyles.” It’s true: Ragnar runners rock. And this weekend, they’ll be making Ragnar history. Good luck runners!

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Scheels Pre-Race Van Decorating Party and Pre Race Expo

The 10th anniversary of Ragnar Relay Wasatch Back is almost here and Scheels is here to help you get ready! Join us for a van decorating party and the official pre race expo at Scheels, in Sandy, UT.

Who: Come one come all! Ragnarians, future Ragnarians, wannabe Ragnarians, friends, cats, lizards…. you get the point!
Cost: FREE
When: Wednesday, June 19th, 2013 – 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Where: Scheels, The official Sporting Goods Retailer of the Wasatch Back – 11282 S State St Sandy, UT 84070

Pre-Race Block Party at Scheels
Live music and appearances by local dignitaries will be part of the fun. You’ll also have a chance to win prizes from Scheels, FM100 and the Arrow.

Van Decorating Party
ragnar vanScheels is proving a FREE Van Decorating Kit to help teams get their race day vehicle’s ready. You’ll also have a chance to win Free Asics Shoes for your Ragnar Relay Wasatch Back Team. We’ll choose our favorite Van and reward the entire team with Free Asics Shoes on Wednesday night.




Limited edition commemorative Ragmags

Scheels has a limited number of Ragmags available for purchase for just $5. Stop by and get your extra copies.

Ragnar Gear
ragnar gear at scheelsScheels has all the Ragnar gear you need on sale now, including all Ragnar approved safety equipment. Preview and purchase our Brand New 2013 Ragnar gear.






Free Pre-Race Dinner provided by Morning Star Farms & Scheelsmorning star
Come enjoy a tasty, complimentary meal provided by our partners at Morning Star Farms. Their delicious vegetarian products are a healthy alternative to greasy burgers and are the perfect pre-race meal.

* Van decorating kits and pre-race dinners are first come first serve, until supplies run out.

We hope to see you there!

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Chicago, meet your tough and rough race director Meredith

Meredith Tomorrow morning runners from across the Midwest, will take part in the Ragnar Relay Chicago. The next 24 – 36 hours will test the limits of each runner. At the end, when they look back, as Ragnarians, they will become the hero of their own life’s story. 200 miles to go and counting, we wish you luck!

But, just in case luck isn’t enough to help you conquer the course, there’ a woman by your side, from start to finish who will have your back. Meredith Dalenburg, our rough and tuff Ragnar race director, knows a thing or two about setting big goals. After all, she’s been working on a 200 mile course designed to knock your socks off! She’s worked hard and never batted an eyelash at what she hopes you’ll agree is an amazing experience. “The course from Madison to Chicago showcases some true Midwestern beauty with a little bit of everything!  There are some great trails, quaint towns, rolling hills, and awesome Lake Michigan views.  I hope the many locals and visitors from out of town love every mile!”

We hope so too. And, we’re pretty confident that Ragnar runners in Chicago will know how to have a good time. After all, the race itself wouldn’t be nearly as fun without that special breed of adventurous runner that makes running at 3:00 am, under that stars, in a batman costume, seem like a great (and perfectly normal) idea. Just ask your race director, “I may have lived all over, from the East Coast to Utah, but I grew up as a Midwest girl.  And I may be a little biased, but those Midwesterners are the best around!  Chicago runners are some of the friendliest and most helpful people I’ve worked with.   I guarantee you will all leave this race happy from not only conquering 200ish miles, but from the people you’ve encountered along the way.” We couldn’t agree more.


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Join the Ragnar Team at Sports Basement!

Join the Ragnar Team at Sports Basement!
Get ready for the Ragnar Trail Tahoe – CA presented by Salomon with the experts at Sports Basement. They’ll be hosting an informative training run at their Presidio location on Thursday, June 6th from 6:00pm – 8:00pm. Check it out:

When: Thursday, June 6th  6:00 – 8:00pm

Where: Sports Basement Presidio

Details: We’ll do a casual run through the trails of the Presidio for approximately 5-7 miles. We’ll begin at Sports Basement, run up to the Golden Gate Bridge and along the Coastal Trail looping back through the park to Sports Basement. After the run, we’ll hold a 101 Info Session to explain How It Works and answer any questions you have about the Ragnar Trail Relay Series.

SWAG: Sports Basement and Salomon will give have a special SWAG raffle after the run. Everyone who attends will have a chance to win some great prizes!

Whether you’re already signed up or still thinking about it, this is the perfect chance to meet other runners and learn about the brand new Ragnar Trail Relay Series. There’s still time to sign up, but hurry – Registration ends June 20th!

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