Ragnar Personality Awards

If you are running Ragnar Del Sol this weekend, check out the Ragmag or look here so you know how to enter and vote in the Ragnar Personality Awards.

Ragnar Personality Awards: 

To enter, upload a picture via Instagram and follow the instructions to enter your team. The winning picture will be chosen based off of the number of Instagram likes and Ragnar staff’s top choices. We will tally the votes on Monday morning. Winners will be announced on Facebook, Instagram and included in our post-race email.

homecoming team award:

Take a picture showcasing your team spirit and include hashtag #RagnarHomecoming, race, your team name and number to win Overall Favorite Team. For example: #RagnarDS, Team We Thought This Was a 5k, Team #125, #RagnarHomecoming.

nom de plume award:

Take a picture of your team showcasing your team name and include hashtag #RagnarNom, race, your team name and number to win Best Team Name. For example: #RagnarDS, Oh S’Napa, Team #17, #RagnarNom.

pimped out van award:

Take a picture of your van, upload it and include hashtag #RagnarVan, race, your team name and number to win Pimped Out Van. For example: #RagnarDS, Ragnar or Bust, Team #92, #RagnarVan.

farout fashion award:

Take a picture of your team dressed up, upload it and include hashtag #RagnarFarout, race, your team name and number to win Farout Fashion. For example: #RagnarDS, We R Ragnar, Team #312, #RagnarFarout.

ragnarliest volunteer:

Wanna vote for our Ragnarliest Volunteer or think your exchange was the most spirited? Upload a picture with hashtag #RagnarVol and include race name, name of volunteer or exchange name.

Check out all our races here: http://www.ragnarrelay.com/running_events



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A Tale of Ragnar Love


We wanted to share this Viking turned Cupid love story for Valentine’s Day…

Dear Ragnar (or if the viking is busy on conquest and away from email, to whom it may concern):

I ran the 2012 Chicago Ragnar. I was asked by a friend to join a team in April after an original member backed out. Three of the other eleven people on the team were old college friends, and it sounded like a great way to reconnect. And it was. Sharing a sweltering van with sweaty friends for two days was a great way to reminisce with college roommates. However, something way more significant than memories and a medal came from my first long distance relay race, I met my eventual wife.

ragnar finish

 (I am the third one from the right on the back row, and she is the first on the right on the front row.)

Jennee Molus was our team captain, and I was in love from the moment I delivered her van’s safety equipment to her the day before the race.  We didn’t see each other much during the race (different vans and me being shy and all that), but we bonded afterward when she bumped into me the day after the Great River Ragnar. She was jealous that I ran another Ragnar Relay, and we started trading Ragnar war stories and decided to start planning for more Ragnars. The planning turned to talks about our love for running in general, which led to more races ran together, which led to more carb loading dinners the nights before the races, which led to more dinners together in general, which led to me finally nervously blurting out that I wanted to date her. Somewhere along the last four months, I stopped dating my girlfriend that I met at Ragnar and ended up dating my best friend, someone that I couldn’t imagine going a day without seeing. I proposed to her last Saturday night. She said yes.

We’ve brought in all of our running friends for a big, 24 person (made up with most of our wedding party), two team competition for this year’s Chicago Ragnar as a celebration of the anniversary of when and how we met. We are also planning something similar for the Great River Ragnar.

We are planning the wedding for this fall, hopefully early October. We haven’t planned much yet, but given the significance that Ragnar has had in our relationship, we have decided on Save The Date cards that are modeled after race bibs. Most likely orange and black ones. This e-mail is a thank you to everyone involved with the Ragnar because I am thankful that your event brought us together.  I would like to tell everyone at Ragnar, from the creators and founders all the way down to the volunteers of every Ragnar Relay, thank you for being involved in one of the most important weekends of my life.

-Dan Schansberg

1 jpeg


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Favorite Ways to Work Out

We love running at Ragnar HQ. Whether it’s hitting the trails or going for a run in Salt Lake City’s parks, we can’t get enough of running! We love fitness too and recognize the benefits of cross training. You can find our employees out cycling, skiing, hiking, yoga classes and sweating at Crossfit.

How do you like to workout and train for Ragnar? What’s your favorite way to sweat?

These guys like to workout with some sweet dance moves….



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Motivational Monday

Ragnar is more than just a race; it’s about sweat, sacrifice and human connection. We make life long friends in the van, we push ourselves farther than we thought possible and sacrifice for the team.

Tell us what Ragnar means to you in the comments section below.

E 2

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Ragnar: Being Thankful

We asked our Ambassadors to tell us what they are thankful for during this season of giving thanks. Renee Hill, a Ragnar Ambassador from Milwaukee, who has run Ragnar Chicago ’11 and ’12, writes about her team experience.

I will always be thankful for Ragnar. I joined a Ragnar Chicago team in 2011, full of complete strangers. Some of them are now some of my closest friends. We travel to races together. We plan crazy running adventures. We tease each other about football. We compare shoes. We get together on a cold January day for beer and football. We are more than running buddies. We are friends.

I am thankful for all of that. I am thankful that I was not afraid of getting in a van with strangers. Instead I looked at it as a fun adventure with other runners. It was so much more. It was the beginning of friendships. I can’t imagine my life without some of these people. Ragnar brought us together. We shared an adventure that no one else understands. Each team is unique and I loved each moment of both of my teams. Not all the same runners from year to year. I can’t imagine not having this race on my schedule.

Who would have thought sleeping on the ground would be so much fun? But it is. Or not showering? Or not sleeping? And the inane conversations at 4:00am? Those are the best.

Thank you Ragnar and all my teammates.

Want to ask Renee about her experiences? Contact her at: Blog: http://runningtowardsomethingnew.com/ and Twitter: @rshill37

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