The Ragnar Northwest Passage runners showed grit and determination this past weekend as they battled through rain storms the first day to cross the finish line on Saturday with smiles.

We dedicate this #MotivationalMonday to all of you!



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#Motivational Monday

Ragnar Relays are great opportunities to push yourself both mentally and physically. Running three times over a 24-30 hour period, “living” in a van with 5 other people and navigating your way across a 200ish mile course are challenging endevours.

Ragnarians do it with ease, flair and wild abandonment. Our Motivational Monday is dedicated to all Ragnarians who know how to live and run as if the gate were left open. Happy Running!

-The Ragnar Staff


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Why I Ragnar

We asked a few Ragnarians why they run Ragnar and why they keep coming back. Here are a few of their answers. Comment below and tell us why you Ragnar.

“Why do I run Ragnar? Best summed up like this: “Running 7 miles down an unfamiliar road by myself in the fog & rain at 3 o’clock in the morning – in a tutu – and loving every second of it.” – Janie Crouch (Ragnar DC 2011, Key West 2012, DC 2012, Vegas 2012, Key West 2013)

“I run Ragnar’s to tour the country and sightsee amazing places that I otherwise would never get a chance to see.  Running Ragnar events make me realize a lot about myself and what I can achieve and capable of and about other people (both the good and the bad).  It is an adventure and I absolutely LOVE IT!!” – Julie Wang

“I Ragnar because it empowers me. Ragnar unleashes something inside that can’t be contained. It makes me feel invincible, confident, at peace.  Over the past three years I have gotten in to running, became more consistent with my training, started to get serious about losing weight, become more focused and happy. This is all due to the adventure that started at Ragnar NY 2010 and won’t end until I no longer have use of my legs.” – Paul Laedke




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