You Might Be A Ragnarian If…

  1. You wake up in the middle of the night in a sweat wondering where your runner is.
  2. You text your family and friends to tell them you have one mile to go on every run.
  3. You count your kills during every race.
  4. White passenger vans look naked to you.
  5. You own an extensive collection of head lamps, blinking tail lights and reflective vests.
  6. You pack your gym clothes in ziplock bags with dryer sheets.
  7. You look for big orange arches telling you that you’ve finished your run.
  8. You steal your kids slap bracelets.
  9. You plan your vacation time around Ragnar races.
  10. You see this symbol on the back of a car, and you say “they’re one of us”:

Not sure what any of this means? Then it’s time to grab 11 friends and sign up! Choose your Ragnar Relay here.

2 Responses to You Might Be A Ragnarian If…

  1. ALMA says:

    #TEAM12PAC CONCURS AND LEFT THEIR STAMP! ! What an amazing experience. I have withdrawals already! 2016, we are coming back!

  2. If you know that the yellow loop in Atlanta is harder than the red loop….4 years in a row! #muslimahsendure

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