7 Tips For the REI No Buts Night Run on Jan. 31

Your laundry can wait. That Netflix episode will be there tomorrow. And it’s only cold if you’re standing still. So put your buts behind you on Jan. 31 and join us as we host the REI No Buts Night Run. We’ve heard your top 7 excuses for not running, and have solutions for each:   

But it’s too cold.

Our Solution: Layer up.  

Brr! It might be so cold outside that the snowman is begging to come in and get warm. But once you get moving, you’ll start to sweat. And when sweat gets trapped between your skin, and clothes it starts to freeze, which will make you even colder. But there’s a solution for that: wicking base layers to keep your core warm and dry. If you’re braving some seriously cold temperatures, be sure to cover up as much of your skin as possible with gloves, hats and a breathable face-mask.


But I’ve never ran in the dark.

Our Solution: Wear safety gear.

Whether you’re running on the trail or running on the road, it’s important to be visible and safe while running at night. Don’t leave your house without a safety vest, headlamp, and tail light. A reflective safety vest can actually be a fashion statement, ask any Ragnarian.


But I can’t see very well.

Our Solution: Use a hand flashlight.

If you  choose to run trails, we recommend using a hand flashlight in addition to a headlamp. A hand flashlight will help you see directly below your feet so you can navigate roots, rocks and uneven ground while your headlamp works to lights up the path in front of you. Plus you can easily shine your light on that squirrel in the woods that made you jump!

But it’s scary by myself.

Our Solution: Bring a friend.

Power in numbers is as true as it is in life as it is during a night running adventure. Grab a friend and let the time fly by as you get lost in conversation. Or check out a local running meet up near you. Plus everything is – a little less scary, a little more fun – with a friend by your side. 


But I don’t know where to go.

Our Solution: Plan your route, bring your phone, leave your headphones.

Before you head out into the open spaces, have a plan of where to go. Research local parks and trails through the Trail Run Project and choose a distance that makes sense for your fitness level. Bring your phone in case of an emergency (plus don’t miss out your chance to snap a photo and contribute to the #NightRun on Instagram!). And as nice as it is to run with music, ditch the headphones while running at night so you can be aware of your surroundings. Take in the natural sounds and let go. This is what it’s all about.


But there is snow on the ground.

Our solution: Get a grip.

Running in the snow adds an element of adventure to an every day run – luck you! Navigating the snow is 100% manageable – IF you have the correct gear. Running snowshoes are a lightweight version of a traditional snowshoe, and will help you run faster through the snow. These are a great option for running through fresh snow. If you’re running on hardpack snow and ice, check out slip on, slip off traction aids, like the Yacktrax ICEtrekkers, or ice spikes which will directly screw into your shoe. Up your running in snow game by adding much needed traction to your shoes!


But I’d rather run when it’s light out.

Our solution: Check the moonset/sunset/moonset for an awesome experience.

January 31 is a special day in the celestial world. With a full red morning appearing in the wee hours of the morning and a nearly full moon that will be visible at night, you’re bound to feel connected to the outer-world. Check out Time and Date for the nitty gritty details and plan to make this a magical run in the dark beyond your wildest imagination.


So here it goes. No ifs, ands or buts, we’ll see you for the No But Night Run on Jan. 31! 


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One Response to 7 Tips For the REI No Buts Night Run on Jan. 31

  1. Frado Lopiccolo says:

    Excuses, excuses, everybody has one!
    Yeah, its easy to sit in a warm, cozy home, after work, but to get off your bum is the real challenge.
    I made it a point to purchase a set of cross country skis and snow shoes from REI Outfitters this winter because I didn’t want to sit on my rump this winter.
    I don’t regret for a moment buying that outdoor sporting equipment! As soon as I get out of work, I go directly to my local Metro Park. The groomed cross country trails and backcountry trails have been absolutely wonderful to ski on this winter!
    Has the weather been bitter cold, yes, but if you dress accordingly, one can enjoy the great outdoors!
    So many of my friends and family have been miserable because they are not willing to overcome their, “but, but, butsss”, and get outside to enjoy the beautiful winter Michigan has had so far!
    Oh, I forgot to mention, the first snow storm of 2017 that Michigan had, instead of going directly home like the rest of the working population in my area did, I went snowshoeing.
    I felt like I was in a lifesize snow globe!
    Snowshoeing through the wooded trails as the snow was coming down like falling rain was absolutely beautiful!
    My coworkers said it took them hours to get home, due to the dangerous road conditions!
    I’m glad that I didn’t have the “But, but, but syndrome. Instead, I got out of my comfy zone and played in the snow, just like when I was a young kid!

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