2018 is The Year of The Ragnarian

2018 Year of the Ragnarian:

Ragnarians fulfill their freedom to roam, to explore, to lead, – a free-spirited desire to get out there and experience an outdoor adventure with friends. They traverse beautiful scenery, conquer challenges, and celebrate as a team. They outfit themselves in crazy costumes, deck out their vans and tents and walk away with kick-ass medals, bragging rights and unforgettable stories of this epic adventure! Read your horoscope below to find out what kind of Ragnar teammate you will be this year!
Aries: You are a fearless leader, when it comes to captaining, you’re the first to raise your hand. You always try to be a good sport, and help out even though you love being number one. But you won’t let a little failure stop you. You’re going to reach the top somehow.
Taurus: You’re committed. Once you’ve said yes to joining Ragnar, there is no backing down. Tauruses look for stable teammates who are ready for adventure, love paint pens and blinky lights, so you better be ready to enjoy the weekend.
Gemini: If you’re a Gemini, you love the thought of Ragnar. But sometimes you’re scared of missing out on other fun events, so you sign up before you can really commit. But once you get to Ragnar, you’re quick witted and the life of the party. Just make sure there is beer at the finish line, and they’ll be satisfied.
Cancer: These people are problem solvers, and love to be the peace keeper. Need a last minute teammate? No worries, this water sign has a life long friend who always has their back. This is one Ragnar teammate you’ll keep around for years to come. But don’t mess with this water sign, they want to be important and valued. So thank them for their help when they save the team from running those extra miles.
Leo: You believe in loyalty. It’s apparent that you’re proud of that trait too. Whether you’re liked by everyone at Ragnar or not, you’re okay with that. No tears here. They also love some attention, so don’t forget about this Ragnarian when they’re on their night run.
Virgo: Excel spreadsheets are your jam. Need to organize your map legs? Easy peasy – just hand over the pen and paper. This earth sign also loves to observe. So don’t worry about missing something when planning your next relay, they’ll have notes to back it up.
Libra: Don’t underestimate this one. What’s the saying, “I may be tiny, but hear me roar”? They’re the quiet observers. They have grace and love to practice being fair to all. When the going gets tough, this air sign can give you a quick pat on the back and you know they deep down feel your pain. They want to make sure everyone in that pack is happy and content.
Scorpio: This Ragnarian may need a little push before they join your team. Sometimes they need some help in trusting advice and referrals from their friends. They like to test the waters themselves. But once you win them over, they’ll be lifelong Ragnarians and will always have your back. They also may be the competitive edge you need when it comes to beating your team PR.
Sagittarius: If you’re a Sagittarius, you’ll be demanding that you finish your relay in 20 hours or less. No goal is too big for you. Although your teammates might not feel the same way. But even if you don’t reach your goal, you’ll be happy you made it to the great outdoors.
Capricorn: You’re like the Michelle Obama of Ragnar. You always have the right thing to say, and always show grace even in times of frustration. You cook up all the camp food, PB&J’s and have an extra fruit snack ready for that tired running partner. You’re really the rockstar, but would never flaunt it. People will love having you on their team, that’s a promise.
Pisces: You are the dreamer of the team. If you love to dance throughout the middle of the night, sing along to every van song, and prance along every mile of the race, you’re definitely a Pisces. Sometimes these traits can come to bite you in the butt. Even though you love to dream up great ideas, you might get stuck with the bill. But in the end, you’re the one who wins after all.
Aquarius: This sign is a mixture of Ellen DeGeneres, and Tom Hanks…. PERSONALITY is everywhere. You would make a very good captain, and will make darn sure that your team has clear communication every step of the way. Logic and creativity? No problem, you’ll figure it out no matter what it takes.
Whatever your sign, you’re going to be a key part of a Ragnar team. Each individual trait is what makes your team unique, special, and brings a ton of kickass memories.

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