Ragnar’s 31-Day Challenge Kicks Off Jan. 1, 2018!

2018 is the year of Ragnar. It’s the year you’ll strengthen your relationships, conquer new and inspiring fitness goals, and get in touch with your inner child. Kick off this New Year with the 31-Day Challenge and commit to doing something active for 31 days straight! Activities can include but are not limited to running, hiking, CrossFit, skiing, snowboarding, yoga, walking your dog, taking a polar bear plunge or climbing a tree. 

This challenge is about committing to something hard while having a support crew of Ragnarians across the nation, cheering for your success and holding you accountable along the way.Never give up. Never give in. And remember these three words: You. Got. This.

So here’s how it works;

  1. Join the 31-Day Challenge Facebook Community Page.
  2. Download and print the 31-Day Challenge Calendar and hold yourself accountable to doing something active every single day in January run, yoga, hike, ski, climb – we don’t care just as long as you’re active!
  3. Post your daily challenges on the Facebook Community Page or on Instagram with the hashtag #RagnarTraining and tag @RagnarRelay. (Note: if you don’t want to post every day, feel free to post every week with a round up of your activities).
  4. Join local meet-up groups at running stores or with running clubs near you throughout the month.
  5. Post a photo of your filled out calendar to the Facebook Community Page for a chance to win a free team*. Ragnar will randomly select one winner who completes the 31-day challenge and the 10 daily challenges on Feb. 5th, 2018. Good luck! *Any open Ragnar (road or trail), prize cannot be redeemed for lottery or sold-out races. 

Ragnar wanted to keep you inspired throughout the entire 31-days with daily challenges every week. Here’s what to look forward to: 

  1. Jan. 2 #IGotThis – Commit yourself to 31 days of activity in January. Kick start your new year on the right, or left foot. Share a photo that shows the world – you got this!
  2. Jan. 8 #ChaseTheSun Chase the Sun. Literally. Wake up before the sun rises and get a run in before work, or end you your day with a sunset hike and admire the view with friends.
  3. Jan. 11 #SweatySelfie – Damn you look good when you sweat. Let’s see it Ragnar Nation. Today, do whatever you want, but get that heart racing. Who can post the sweatiest selfie of them all? Bonus points for wicked hair.
  4. Jan. 13 #TheLongRun – Hello Saturday. Today is all about going a little further than you think you can. Tag your photos with #TheLongRun and bragnar about how many miles you put in today. New year, more miles, better goals.
  5. Jan. 15 #BetterTogetherScience shows that you run better and work out better in groups. But who needs science, when we have our own proof. Today is all about doing things with friends.
  6. Jan 17 #ForTheFunOfIt – You’ve been working hard – really hard – today is all about doing something for the fun of it. Find a local park and climb on the monkey bars, take your kids for a hike, run down to your favorite ice cream shop.
  7. Jan 20 #BeautifulAsIAm – It’s been a long journey to get to this point of the 31-Day Challenge. And we’re proud of you. Instead of focusing on where you want to be, focus on how far you’ve come. Today, respect the process and acknowledge how beautiful you are inside and out. Post a photo with #BeautifulAsIAm and one thing you’re proud of yourself for.   
  8. Jan 24 #UncomfortZoneMagic happens outside your comfort zone. It’s time to get comfortable being uncomfortable. Don’t go to your usual places, and do your usual activities, go outside your comfort zone to find out what you are made of.
  9. Jan 27 #5kToday – 3.1 miles is today’s goal. If you haven’t been running much, today is the chance to get back into it. If you’re a speed-ster then go all out as fast as you can. Tag your photos #5kToday.
  10. Jan. 31 #NightRun –Ragnar hosts the REI No Buts Night run. No ifs, ands, or buts – join us for a night run. For every person who pledges to run, REI will donate $1 to the American Hiking Society. Pledge here!

Questions? Leave us a comment below!

17 Responses to Ragnar’s 31-Day Challenge Kicks Off Jan. 1, 2018!

  1. Yippee! I did my first two Ragnars in 2017, one Trail and one road. I am hooked!! Can’t wait to start 2018 with a Ragnar challenge! ❤️??‍♀️?‍♀️⛸⛷❤️??‍♀️❤️

  2. Michele says:

    How do I sign up?

  3. Amy Schnackenberg says:

    Hoping to get a team for 2018!!!
    Making life happen

  4. Rina says:


    What if I don’t have an IG account, can I still participate?


  5. Brad Langford says:

    No fair on Jan 11. My hair is no good.

  6. I never would have dreamed I could complete the 200 mile BourbanChase Run but I DID IT!!!!! It’s truly mind blowing what you can do when you are in the right state of mind. I’m super stoked and can’t wait to do this again. Thank you Ragnar!!!!

  7. Kristen says:

    Sounds like a great challenge!

  8. Jan Sandaj says:

    i am going to run on jan 1st and each day of the month after I will run farther each and every day!!

  9. Shelley Velez says:

    2017 was the 1st Ragnar I have missed participating in since about 2009, due to an ACL injury. Had surgery 11/15/17 and hope to be running another Ragnar.in 2018. I’m joining this challenge as I progress in my recovery, although I cannot actually run until about mid-February. But count me in for daily workouts that are within my current limitations! Today was a 2.5 mile beach trail walk, and tomorrow is hiking in Palm Springs. Good luck everyone!

  10. Mary Beth says:

    Signed up for my first Ragnar..2018 Cape Cod! So pumped!

  11. Mary Beth Lindsay says:

    Signed up for my first Ragnar..2018 Cape Cod! So pumped!

  12. Rachael says:

    My first Rangar challenge 2018 let’s go !!

  13. Robin totsch says:

    So very excited about this!!! I love a good challenge!

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