5 New Year’s Resolutions Worth Keeping in 2018

Well, there went 2017. In like a lamb, out like a lion (or something like that). Have you had a minute to think about 2018?

We have.

And we’re doing some serious goal setting, soul searching, and panicking critical thinking about what happened to last year’s resolutions. How about you? Did you maybe overshoot some distance training goals and end up phoning it in on race day? Or, did you get in over your head? Is it more fun to stick with the middle-of-the-pack crew, or are you selling yourself short by not chasing down a big time goal? Resolutions are hard. And here’s why: studies show 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail in just 6 weeks. So skip the traditional resolutions this year altogether and try these on for size…

FIRST—Forget February

“…it’s easier to hold to your principles 100 percent of the time than it is to hold to them 98 percent of the time.” Those are the words of inspirational author Clayton Christensen, and he has a point. We’re not ever going to tell you to “aim low,” but setting the target on a goal like running 10 miles a day, every day or quitting carbs, chocolate and caffeine all at the same time (are you nuts?!) is a little unrealistic. Plus, if you don’t have room for a mulligan, you can psychologically derail your momentum in ways you’re not even aware of. What you can totally commit to is 31 days of activity. That’s it. Join Ragnar’s 31 day challenge and make it your call: 31 days of activity—any activity—and let February figure itself out. And know this: it can be 31 days of taking the stairs instead of the elevator, 31 days of a one-minute plank and burpees while your coffee brews, 31 days of rotating between running 1 mile and yoga. The options are endless. You do you, Ragnar Nation.

SECOND—Toss your running shoes

Did you get new running gear during the holidays? Are you stoked to take your new kicks out for a test run? (We bet you look great!) Wait! Not so fast. Before you head out the door, do an inventory check of your closet, your garage, your (air quotes) gear room. Do you have a pair of shoes with a few miles on them? Are they taking up space in your home? Google search for local shelters or, find out if your kid’s high school could donate them to an athlete in need, or gift them to a buddy who wants to come running with you someday but who doesn’t have the right footwear to finally hit the trails. This is a resolution every Ragnar runner can feel good about keeping.

THIRD—Practice, practice, practice  

And by practice, we’re talking about the big “M.” You know, Mindfulness. Meditation. Radical Acceptance. Ho-boy. Breathe in. Then out. Good, you’re halfway there. Mindfulness, or the state of being present through the practice of meditation, usually comes easy to runners. Finding your inner peace during a painful long run, accepting the present moment during the grind of a steep hill climb, remaining calm when you realize you may be lost during the night run…Mindfulness is an excellent skill to develop next year.

FOURTH— Two words: Active rest

To the guys and gals going 900 miles an hour from work, to school, to practice, to family functions, to the gym, to meetings, to stressing out, etc. We know you’re capable of great things, but you have to give your body time to rebuild after everything you put it through. And here’s the secret: active rest is good for you. It can decrease the amount of time it takes to recover and reduce some of those post-run sore days that make walking down the stairs comical to your non-running friends. If the term “rest-day” bothers you, pencil it in as “light-day,” and think of it that way. Instead of high impact training, try a low impact hike. Take pictures, bring a buddy and carry on a conversation. And while you’re talking, try listening. To your body. 

FIFTH— Run Ragnar

Next year has the opportunity to be so many things. A fresh start? The year you try something new? The year you find yourself? Or the year that makes you who you are. There are miles and miles to go. Here’s to sharing them with the people who matter most! We hope to spend some of them you, too. We’re giving every team who signs up in January, $60 OFF the Ragnar of their choice with code NEWYEAR *. And just in time, too. All 2018 races will be open on Jan. 1, 2018! We promise this investment is more fun than that annual gym membership you were considering.

Stronger legs.

Stronger heart.

Stronger friendships.

Bring it, 2018!


*Code valid from 1/1/18- 1/31/18; cannot be combined with other offers; not valid for existing teams; only one code valid/team; not valid for lottery races. 

About Lindsay Lauck

Lindsay Lauck is a guest blogger for Ragnar Relay Series. Qualified as the slowest Ultra Runner in her community, she spends her free time running the trails along the Wasatch Front Mountain Range, taking photographs of adventuresome subjects, as well as inanimate toy robots, and showing pictures of her pet dog Sprocket to anyone and everyone she encounters. After earning her Art Degree in Texas, she roamed the southwest and somehow ended up in the Salt Lake area where a general love of nature, microbrews, and unimaginable natural wonder keep her from leaving.

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