5 Things All Ragnar Captains Need To Know

Hey Captain! You’ve got a big job and everybody knows it. Taking a team of runners on a journey—an epic adventure—overnight and in the wild? No, pressure! Well, hey. Don’t sweat it. You may have bitten off more than you think you can chew, but you’ve got this! Race day will be here before you know it, and when it does, things will fall into place. But, before they do, here are 5 insider tips that can make your Ragnar experience truly epic. No matter what…

Don’t do it all

Wayyyyyy before race day you should learn to become an expert delegator. Don’t feel bad, either. If you write down a list of 5 tasks that need to be taken care of before race day, find 5 people on your team and assign each of them 1 task. It is not your job to do everything. Wait. Let’s repeat that: It is not your job to do everything.

Let it go

You’re going to have a much better experience if you’re ready to expect the unexpected on race weekend. Something (anything) is going to go wrong on race day. So, be ready to let it roll off your back. Inevitably it will be something you didn’t plan for. Something you thought you had under control. Try to laugh about it. A runner might quit. Something catastrophic might happen to your gear. There might be snow. It’s happened.

You are resourceful

McGuyver could do just about anything with basic office supplies. You can do this. You have a smartphone and a whole team to problem-solve. Plus, it’s one weekend. Don’t stress too much. The key thing to remember is that if there’s something you’ve forgotten, you can probably find it, order it, have a friend bring it, or beg/barter/borrow it from a neighboring team.


Don’t forget to have fun, too.

In the hustle of getting runners to their legs and making sure everyone is ready for the night-run, you might forget that this is a fun event. You, too, are allowed to enjoy the weekend. Visit the sponsor booths, take photos, run fast and free, and be goofy in your photos.

Find your co-captain

Starsky and Hutch. Batman and Robin. Don’t deny the power of the Dynamic Duo. Find your +1 and ask them to be your bestie in this adventure. The two of you can tag-team your way to victory and high five your way all the way to the finish line.


Remember: You are a glorious, freaking unicorn. Your team loves you. You can do all of this and conquer Ragnar. Look at you go! Just try to relax, have fun, be resourceful, have a friend help you out and try not to take everything on yourself. You’ll do great, ‘Cap!

About Lindsay Lauck

Lindsay Lauck is a guest blogger for Ragnar Relay Series. Qualified as the slowest Ultra Runner in her community, she spends her free time running the trails along the Wasatch Front Mountain Range, taking photographs of adventuresome subjects, as well as inanimate toy robots, and showing pictures of her pet dog Sprocket to anyone and everyone she encounters. After earning her Art Degree in Texas, she roamed the southwest and somehow ended up in the Salt Lake area where a general love of nature, microbrews, and unimaginable natural wonder keep her from leaving.

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