Ragnar Inked: Beyond a Comfort Zone

Rob Weinberg admits that some people think that his tattoo was him going through a midlife crisis. But, he calls it a growing experience. For him, Ragnar was an event that helped get out of his shell and out of his comfort zone. This is why he got the Ragnar Mask in permanent ink:

One: What Ragnar(s) have you run? 

I’ve run Ragnar Chicago for the past 6 years, Great River twice, Del Sol, and two trails – McDowell Mountain and Northwoods.

Ragnar tat

Two: When did you get your tattoo? 

I got inked in September, just in time to run Northwoods.

Three: What does Ragnar mean to you? 

 I had always been somewhat introverted.  When I mentioned that I wanted to try a Ragnar in 2011 my wife was a bit surprised that I would willingly get in a van for 30+ hours with 5 complete strangers.  I had a great time though (and have had great experiences on all of my other Ragnars), so I credit the Ragnar experience with getting me to come out of my shell.

Four: What does your tattoo mean to you? 

It means getting out of my comfort zone, just as I did with my first Ragnar.  Being in my 40s some may call it a “midlife crisis” but I see it more as a growing experience – and I’m planning to get more and to add more of the Ragnar logos to my current one.

Five: What is your favorite moment from any of your Ragnars? 

Wow, so many…but sorry, what happens in the van stays in the van!

Tat 4

Six: How did you first get involved with Ragnar? 

 I had been running for a few years and had done several half marathons and marathons.  I heard about Ragnar, and it seemed like that would be a great new challenge.  I signed on as a random for a team that needed one more runner and never looked back.

Seven: When you see your tattoo what are you reminded of? 

All of the fun times I’ve had on the road and trail…All of the great people I’ve met and run with (love every one of you!)…And of course, I’m always thinking about the next one, and how that logo will fit in the tattoo!

Eight: When people ask you about your tattoo what do you tell them? 

It’s my first (and currently only) tattoo. When I show people and tell them what it’s all about they know that it’s special to me.  I usually tell them about all of the fun times and people, the adventures, and the sense of accomplishment.  Of course, then I try to recruit them for the next Ragnar!

Nine: What’s next on your Ragnar list? 

This year Chicago, Northwoods, and possibly Michigan.  Maybe more if I can swing them…

Ten: What do you do when not running?

I bike in the summer and cross-country ski when there’s enough snow.  I also weight train, and just started CrossFit a few months ago.  At home, my wife and pets (2 chocolate labs, 2 cats) keep me busy.  And, to fund my Ragnar adventures I work as a medical device design engineer.



Do you have a Ragnar tattoo? Send us an email at social@ragnarrelay.com to tell us the story behind your tattoo.

One Response to Ragnar Inked: Beyond a Comfort Zone

  1. Sharon says:

    I’ve been lucky enough to be a part of Rob’s team for an event and a fill in leg for a second Ragnar for his team. Never judged for my “speed” only fun, friends and encouragement.
    “What happens in the van stays in the van”, brings back so many fun memories of laughs and smells! ?
    and questions??? 12:10 …
    If asked to join again, after going through “my rolodex of excuses” I’d do it!
    Thanks for the memories!
    Sharon aka #5

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