30 of the Best Reebok Ragnar Cape Cod Team Names

At Reebok Ragnar Cape Cod, Ragnarians will run wicked fast from Hull to Provincetown, MA in the rippah of the year. They’ll bang some lefts and rights as they make their way up Cape. And they’ll do it in style with some of the best team names of any Ragnar. These are 30 of the best Ragnar Cape Cod team names (in no particular order):


  1. Van Goes
  2. 11 Tortoises and 1 Hare
  3. 40 is the new 30
  4. America First, the Netherlands Second
  5. Bat out of Hull
  6. Bear Naked Cheeseheads
  7. Big Apple Cod Squad
  8. Born to Pun
  9. Cape Escape
  10. Chowdah!
  11. Crazy Beaches
  12. Eat Pasta. Run Fasta.
  13. Fast and Furiously Good Looking
  14. If found in bar, return to Ragnar
  15. Keeping up with the Vegetarians
  16. Last Place Champions
  17. Melt down to Provincetown
  18. Moose on the Loose
  19. Oh My Quads
  20. Oui Run Crepe Cod
  21. Racey McRaceface
  22. Rhode Sodas
  23. Road Hazahds
  24. Runners Travel Van. Sad.
  25. Shufflin’ Guppies
  26. The World’s Okayest Runners
  27. We Make Fast Runner Look Good
  28. Where the Hull is P-Town?
  29. Unicorn Stampede
  30. Kale and Quinwhaat?


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