Announcing the 30-Day #RagnarTraining Challenge


Your New Years Resolution: Get active, stay active and commit to a goal you’ll be proud of.  Sign up for the 30-Day #RagnarTraining Challenge and commit to doing something active, every day, for 30 days straight! We’ll reward you with a $60 off code to any open (non-lottery) Ragnar when you sign up!

New for 2017! Download and print the training log to help keep track of your activities! After you complete your challenge upload the photo of your calendar, and we’ll send you a special sticker for completing the challenge!

So here’s how it works: Do something active, every day, for 30 days straight: run, lift weights, do crossfit, yoga, hike, jog, ski, snowboard, snowshoe – the options are endless! If you miss a day, do two activities the next day to make up for it.

How do I get started? Get started by RSVPing to the Facebook event page, and signing up for the challenge, here! Download and print your activity log and get ready to go on Jan. 1!

How do I get my $60 OFF code to any open Ragnar? Commit to the challenge and enter your email address HERE! You’ll be prompted with a code you can use right away. *Code cannot be applied to existing teams or combined with other offers. This promo is valid for any open 2017 Ragnar (Road or Trail), except for lottery races. The discount will be applied to the entire team’s registration fee. Only one discount can be applied per team. Code expires 2/7/17.

Who is allowed to join?

Anyone! You don’t have to be a registered Ragnar runner or a past runner. This challenge is all about motivating each other – the more the merrier!

When does the challenge start?

Most Ragnarians will start their 30-Day Challenge on Jan. 1, and finish on Jan. 30. However the last day to officially join the challenge is Friday, Jan. 6th. The last day to complete the challenge is Feb. 5th.

How do I keep track of my daily activity? After you sign up for the 30-day #RagnarTraining Challenge, download and print your activity log, or find the calendar below! Show off your daily activities, on the 30-Day #RagnarTraining Challenge Facebook Page and tag your photos and updates with #RagnarTraining on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. We’ll feature our favorite moments across our social media and give you a shout out!

What are the challenges of the week?

This year our partners have come together to provide fun challenges to keep you motivated. Every week, three Ragnarians will win prizes from our partners. The weekly challenges are as follows:

  • #ChaseTheSun presented by Nathan; Jan. 1-8
    • Chase the sun, literally. Wake up before the sun rises and get a run in before work, or end you your day with a sunset hike and admire the view with friends. This week is all about chasing life’s golden moments.
  • #UncomfortZone presented by Muscle Milk, Addaday and CEP Compression; Jan. 9-15
    • Be happy with where you are while working towards where you want to be. Go the extra mile. Run a little faster. Hold the plank longer. You are stronger than you think. Get un-comfortable. It’s where the magic happens. This week is about pushing yourself, and being better for it.
  • #BetterTogether presented by Reebok; Jan. 16-22
    • Strong alone. Better together. This week is all about power in numbers. Grab your boyfriend, spouse, kids, co-worker or BFF and do a workout, go on a hike, run, and accomplish the amazing together. This week is about finding motivation from those around you.
  • #TimeToPlay presented by Salomon; Jan. 23- Jan. 30 
    • Find the fun again. As kids, parks were our playground. Now as adults, our world is our playground. Run through the snow. Create a snow angel. Find your favorite trail, and run it backwards. Find your inner child, and unleash it. This week is about doing something active, simply for the fun of it.

Is there an overall winner for the 30-Day #RagnarTraining Challenge? 

Yes! Our partners CEP, Addaday, Muscle Milk, Reebok, Salomon, Nuun, Bondi Band, KT Tape and ShowerPill will come together to award one Ragnarian who completes the weekly challenges, the overall challenge and posts their daily activities across their social media accounts with the #RagnarTraining hashtag. The prize package includes:

(1) One Bondi Band $50 Gift Card ($50 value)
(1) One Nathan Fireball Hydration Pack ($100 value)
(1) One Superfeet Pack (A pair of sandals, pair of insoles, technical trucker hat and water bottle) ($200 value)
(1) One ShowerPill 10-pack of wipes ($9.99 value)
(1) Pair of CEP Compression Progressive Run Socks ($60 value)
(1) One Package of Muscle Milk Protein Bars ($50 value)
(1) Nuun Hydration Kit with 6 Tubes of nuun and a water bottle ($47 value)
(1) Pair of Jaybird Freedom Headphones ($179.99)
(1) Thinksport Sunscreen Pack including Sunscreen Stick, 3oz Sunscreen and 6oz Sunscreen ($45.97)

Total Value: $742.95

Ragnar staff will pick our favorite 30-day challenge participant to win the grand prize. To increase your odds of winning, post your activities to the Facebook page, and on instagram with #RagnarTraining, and complete all of the weekly challenges. Good luck!

Save and print the 30-Day #RagnarTraining Challenge!

[Click to enlarge]

30 Day Ragnar Training Caladar

About Rebecca Babicz

Rebecca Babicz is the Sr. Brand Manager at Ragnar. She enjoys #skiing, #running, #biking and sees the world through social media goggles. It is her personal goal in life to find the world's best fish tacos. Follow her on Instagram: @Bebabz

42 Responses to Announcing the 30-Day #RagnarTraining Challenge

  1. K. P. says:

    Does this code expire? The race I would be doing isn’t until fall 2017,

  2. Gabe Arnold says:

    Would it apply to a Ragnar that you’re already registered for in ’17?

    • Nicole Ginley-Hidinger says:

      Hi Gabe- The code is only good for teams you have not registered yet. It cannot be used retroactively. Thanks for checking!

  3. Veronica Kowalewski says:

    Can multiple team members participate and each get discounts? I.e. 4 team members, $240 discount?

  4. Foehser says:

    Two questions:
    What if more than one person does this, can more than one code be applied to a single team registration? And does that person with the code have to be the captain since they’re doing the registration?

    • Nicole Ginley-Hidinger says:

      Hello- The code is only good once per team and the captain will need it during the registration process.

  5. Jethro Sheridan says:

    Is the code per person or per team?
    Can more than one person on a team use the code?

  6. Wendy says:

    So im reading you can do anything active and write it down….do you have to complete 200 miles in the 30 days?

    • Hi Wendy – Yes, you can do any activity you want to complete the challenge. You don’t have to complete 200 miles in the month of January, although that would be awesome too.

  7. Rachel Polski says:

    Is this just a $60 code that is used per team? Or can individuals of the same team apply this code? Thanks!

  8. Sarah B says:

    If more than one team member participates, can they each get $60 off their registration fee? Or is there a limit per team?

  9. Beth says:

    Can the code be used for Ragnar gear instead of an event?

  10. Katie says:

    The page with the code and calendar went away after I downloaded the calendar. How can I see the code again?

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  13. Joe Atilano says:

    Can I be eligible without facebook?

    • Nicole Ginley-Hidinger says:

      You can! Just download and print the calendar, track your workouts and at the end of the month we’ll send out a link where you can submit it!

  14. Bryant says:

    I’m not on Facebook or any other social media. Can I still participate in the challenge?

    • Yes you can! Print your calendar and fill it out as you complete your daily activities! When the 30 days is over you will be able to submit your calendar to receive a sticker.

  15. Diane says:

    Had a heck of a time navigating your site on my end. Lost the page before i can retrieve my code……now what?

  16. Brandon says:

    For the weekly challenges, does that have to every day that week? Or just once or more?

    • Nicole Ginley-Hidinger says:

      Hi Brandon- It’s just once during the week, but feel free to do it however often you’d like!

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  18. Radhika says:

    Can we begin the challenge on Jan 5 and end on February 5. Would it still count?

  19. Cheryl Waller says:

    I lost the 30 day challenge code.

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  22. Colleen says:

    Where are the weekly winners listed? How do you know if you win? Are you sent an email? FB event said until the 14th (as they only 2 weeks). Will you just continue to post at that event page?

    • Nicole Ginley-Hidinger says:

      Hi Colleen- you’ll be notified on your facebook post or instagram post if you are selected as a winner. 3 winners are selected weekly, so keep posting!

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