How to Find a Team Using the Find a Runner Tool

Just like the Looney Tunes needed Michael Jordan to complete the TuneSquad and beat the Monstars, a Reebok Ragnar Relay team needs each individual runner to complete their team and conquer 200ish miles. The Find a Runner tool is Ragnar’s equivalent to Bugs’ and Daffy’s magnet, golf ball and pulling Jordan through a golf hole. Though, the Find a Runner tool is a bit easier and won’t leave your golfing mates so alarmed. So, if you’re ready for the adventure of a lifetime through a certain kind of Looneyville, here are step by step instructions on how to use the “Find a Runner” tool as a free agent.


Step One: Login and create a Ragnar account

Visit the Ragnar Login page to either create a new account or login to your existing account. You can even use Facebook to make it easier.

Step Two: Fill out your contact information

Team captains search for runners based on age, gender and pace. You can enter your stats on the “contact information” tab located on the left hand side.

Contact Information on Ragnar Find a Runner tool

Step Three: Click the “I am available to join a team” box

On the “Account Overview” tab on the left hand side, there is a check box under “My Account” information that says “I am available to join a team.”


Step Four: Fill out your race preferences

Have a specific race in mind? Want to run them all? Want to be specifically on a Masters team or High School team? Fill out your preferences and hit save.

Race Preferences Find a Runner tool

Step Five: Wait for an e-mail

We know, waiting is the hardest part. If a team captain is interested in having you on their team, they’ll send you an email explaining their team or an invite. Hold out hope, there are a lot of last minute injuries or scheduling conflicts leaving captains desperate to find runners.


Step Six: Join your new team

Show up ready to run. Just remember your lucky shorts and your special-stuff.

Ragnar team through Find a Runner

If you’re interested in building your own team, read Five Steps to Build Your Dream Ragnar Team.


23 Responses to How to Find a Team Using the Find a Runner Tool

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  2. Brandi says:

    What if you’re a team captain? How do they search for runners that are available?


    • Nicole Ginley-Hidinger says:

      Hi Brandi-
      If you’re team captain, you’ll log onto your profile. Then click “Team Management”> “My Teams”> “Manage Team” > “Find a Runner”.

      Here you can enter your desired characteristics for a runner (gender/ age/pace)

      Then you’ll be able to contact them or send a team invite.

      • heather says:

        So we cannot do this until we pay the full price for our team not knowing if we will get someone to join? I have a team of 10 and need to find 2 more runners. 1 for each van.

        • Nicole Ginley-Hidinger says:

          Hi Heather- The captain pays the full price up front and then gathers team members. You can look for team members using the “Find a Runner” tool or the Facebook event page to fill out your team.

  3. Abrah Olson says:

    If I have 6 people, is there a way to join another team of six to make 1 team? I can possibly manage to get 6 people on board, but 12 is a stretch. No matter how much fun I tell them it is!

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  7. Ernesto says:

    Hi. I will be putting myself out there as a free agent, hoping to get selected for a Ragnar relay/trail. My partner wants to run too, but will only do it if she is on the same team as I am. Is there any way for her/us to signal this to captains looking for team members? Is it just a matter of her signing up as a free agent too and crossing her fingers?

  8. Kaitlin says:

    Does anyone for Utah Zion Ragnar 2017 have 2 spots open for me and my friend?

  9. Olivia says:

    Is there anyway to view what runners you have reached out to through this feature? And do they get an email notification once someone has emailed them or do they have to actually check their portal for these messages?

    • Nicole Ginley-Hidinger says:

      Hi Olivia- the runners will get an email. At the moment, you can’t tell who you reached out to within the profile. Thanks for asking!

  10. John Wallace says:

    Hey guys, was wondering if anyone has two spots on their Team for the South Florida race, my spouse would like to race. She has completed a Ragnar, I am a newbie.

  11. Rachel Michaelson says:

    Looking for 5 more runners to join my team for the great river.

  12. Gord Krentz says:

    Looking to join a team for the Reebok Niagara Ragnar on May 31 / June 1 2019. Never done one before but for the last two years I’ve seen the runners starting out in my home town of Cobourg. Would love to give it a shot. Hope to hear from someone.

  13. Stuart says:

    The “I’m available to join a team” seems to be broken.

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