2015 Ragnar Relay Medals: Bigger, Bolder, Mind Blowing

Bigger. Bolder. Mind blowing.

This year’s finisher medals were created for those brave enough to take on a 200ish mile overnight running relay. In an effort to outdo ourselves, we have stepped it up a notch this year.

This year we’ve added more heft and decided to go with a more detailed, more colorful, bold design. But don’t worry, we kept the bottle opener. There is more than meets the eye with this years’ medal. We won’t spoil the surprise here, but there’s an Easter egg that you can only figure out with the rest of your team. If you put it together, make sure you share a photo and tag @RagnarRelay.

Ragnar finisher medal

Build-A-Medal Program

But that wasn’t enough. We wanted to include some extra goodness for those Ragnarians who run multiple races in 2015. Not only do we have new Double Medals, but our regular participant medal was designed to connect with other participant medals (Not trail – maybe next year.)   We’re calling it “Build-A-Medal.” Clever, right? After your 2nd race, you’ll receive a special connector medallion so you can build your own Double Medal.

build a double medal

After every 2 races, you get another connector piece – there’s one for 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 and 14 races! Run them all and build one absurdly giant medal. Run ALL the races!



At the finish line of your second, fourth, sixth, etc. race we will have these connector pieces and screws for you to put the medal together. Here is a look at how it will work:


2015 Double Medals

On top of that our Build-A-Medal program we’ve added some new Double Medals and infused more awesome into the returning ones.

Check out all of the 2015 double medals designs >>>>>> HERE!

(And for those who were wondering the ice cream scoop on the Saints and Sinners medal didn’t pass the test. We appreciate all of the feedback!)


Which ones will you earn this year?


The Immortal Medal

We believe the gravitas of the medal waiting for a Ragnarian at the finish line should equal their accomplishment of running 200-ish miles. With that in mind we are thrilled to announce the largest race medal in the world (that we know of.) The Immortal.



Any Ragnarian dedicated enough to run every available Ragnar Relay in 2015 (If there are 2 races on the same weekend, one race is sufficient to qualify – Trail not included).  It’s about the size of a baby grizzly bear, and weighs more than is reasonable. This behemoth is about 15 inches from corner to corner.

Ragnarians aren’t content with mediocrity and we wouldn’t settle for anything less than extraordinary when it goes to awards.  Wear them with pride Ragnarians.


In case you missed it, read about our 2015 Ragnar Relay finisher shirts!

About Josh Ferrin

Josh Ferrin is the Creative Director at Ragnar. When he’s not designing kickass medals, he’s probably lost in the mountains or drawing cartoons of his kids. Josh is the co-author of the book Blitz Kids and is known for finding absurd amounts of money in his attic. Follow Josh on Twitter: @joshferrin

8 Responses to 2015 Ragnar Relay Medals: Bigger, Bolder, Mind Blowing

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  2. Jaime Obando says:

    I didn’t get my connector piece after this weekend’s Cape Cod. How do I get one?

  3. Candace Bennion says:

    Are you still offering the Saints and Sinners medal for those who complete Wasatch Back and Vegas in the same year?

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  6. Matthew Harris says:

    With all these fancy medal combinations, I hope you come up with something special for runners who run the same race for ten years. Northwest Passage will be ten years old next summer.

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