Valentine’s Day Tip: Date a Ragnarian

Love is in the air at Ragnar. The bonding that goes on in the van (hey now, get your mind out of the gutter!) leads to life-long friendships…and sometimes more. But, is it just the magic of running overnight for two days? Or, is there something more? Are Ragnar runners just…more desirable? Well, we certainly think so. We’re biased when it comes to Ragnar runners. We know they’re great. And, like your over-bearing mother, we want to make sure you end up with a nice partner. (And hurry it up already – you’re not getting any younger!) So, here is our case for Why You Should Be Dating A Rangarian:

True Love Often Starts Out As Friendship

Ragnar runners make excellent friends. They’re supportive to a fault and (sometimes) overly optimistic. You can’t go wrong counting on someone willing to stay up late and make sure you make it to the next exchange. So, go ahead…get “friendly” with a Ragnar runner.Reasons to Date a Ragnarian

They’re Not Picky

Ok, that didn’t sound great. But, hear us out. You’ve just finished a run. You smell like the inside of a gym locker. Your hair is matted to your forehead and you’ve got chaffing issues. These things don’t bother Ragnarians. In fact, they kind of prefer it.

Reasons to Date a Ragnarian

They Get Up Early AND Stay Out Late

Your ideal partner probably got up hours ago. But, this doesn’t mean he or she will be zonked out at 8:00 pm. In fact, they’ll probably be getting a few more miles in. They may, however, need an afternoon nap. Give them 15 minutes to recharge and they’re good to go.

Reasons to Date a Ragnarian


They Know How To Rock Alternative Fashion

It’s been said that everyone looks good in a tutu, but it’s not true. There’s definitely an art to making ‘Ragnar Fashion Statements’. Ragnar runners can take sequins, a cape, and mismatched socks and turn it into a trend. If you’re looking for the next big thing in running gear, we promise that Ragnar runners have been rockin’ it for the past few years.

 Reasons to Date a Ragnarian

They Drink Tasty Beverages

It doesn’t hurt that they probably have a bottle-opener Ragnar finisher’s medal on hand. Plus, they’re usually thirsty after all that running. Pop open a brewski and let go of those inhibitions. Offer a Ragnarian a beer and the ice has already been broken.

 Reasons to Date a Ragnarian

They’re Not Afraid Of The Dark

As spooky as night vision may be, at least you know they’ll never get lost in the dark. We’re not saying they’re stalker material, but they might be able to see very well in the dark.

 Reasons to Date a Ragnarian

They’re Always Up For Adventure!

What are you doing this weekend? Scaling Mount Everest? Running 200 Miles? How about a Polar Plunge? Look out world – the day is young and Ragnar runners are not afraid to be weird.


They Appreciate The 12-Person Van.   

Nothing impresses a Ragnar runner like an old Chevy conversion van. They see an Econoline on the highway and start fantasizing about adding streamers, Christmas lights, and decorative paint. No Ragnar runner has ever put style ahead of function. As long as its got 4 wheels, some seats, and preferably a place to sleep, they’re good. Bonus points for Ragnar window stickers.


They Role-Play

We’re looking at you, Batman and Wonder Woman. Your childhood dream of being a cowboy or an astronaut is about to come true…sort of.

Reasons to date a Ragnarian

So, if you find yourself all alone this Valentine’s Day, just head out the door and bring your headlamp and reflective vest. Nothing says “let’s get to know each other better” than a few miles shared under a full moon.

Reasons to Date a Ragnarian

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  1. Janeen says:

    So, I think the next step is a Ragnarian singles club 😉

  2. This article is cute! I have a singles run club in MPLS so this was a fun article to share on our page. ❤️

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