15 Holiday Gift Ideas for Runners

santaRunners tend to be easy to please people. We can run out our front door to find our happy place. Sometimes all a runner needs is a little motivation to go the extra mile, whether it be a massage, stylish running gear or a way to celebrate their accomplishments. Check out these 15 gift ideas for the runner in your life:

1.       Pro Compression Socks

pro compression socks

These are no ordinary socks.  The science behind compression gear is that wearing compression can help delay muscle fatigue in legs and support proper blood flow.  This can help with any run, but may be especially beneficial during longer events like Ragnars. My personal favorite is the Marathon Ragnar Relay in Black.

2.       Jay Bird Headphones

The Freedom Sprint Wireless Buds allow you to run for miles while listening to music and not messing with any cords or ear buds that start to fall.  Jay Bird also does something fancy by making the music sub-bass, which can play “warm thumpy beats that let you crank up the music without experiencing listener fatigue common in extended headphone use during lengthy workout sessions at higher volume levels.”  Intrigued?  These buds can also take phone calls through voice command if wanted.  Pretty fancy!

3. Race Bib Coasters

There is a brilliant, practical solution for repurposing your race bibs: use them as coasters.  Gone For A Run specializes in gifts for runners and are the geniuses behind this concept, called bib coasters. You can either scan and email or send in your race bib, and they will make coasters out of it.  These coaster won’t just decorate your home they could also be a great conversation starter and way to potentially reign in some more Ragnar team members. (These coaster will also look GREAT with your Ragnar bottle opener medal!)

4.       Scott James Jewelry

Scott James Jewelry has a variety of Ragnar including rings, necklaces, earrings, key chains and beads that are great gifts for your fellow Ragnarians.  They even have charm bracelet that you can add charms for each Ragnar Relay and Ragnar Trail race you have completed.

scott james

5.       Tikka R+ Petzl Head Lamp

Raganrians are busy people and sometimes it’s hard to squeeze in those long runs especially now that we’ve ran out of day light.  You may think all head lamps are the same. After using a Petzl headlamp you’ll notice the difference right away.  Petzl makes headlamps that won’t slip off your head when you’re running and will light up the night. The Tikka model has reactive lighting that automatically adjusts the brightness according to your environment.

6.       Towel Seat Cover

Hate getting into your car after a sweaty, long run and getting the sweat and dirt all over your car seat?  That could be a thing of the past with Orange Mud’s Seat Wrap. The towel zips over your car seat to protect it from your funk.  It can also double as an on the fly cover up for changing in the car/van.  Those 2 functions are definitely beneficial for riding with your team during a Ragnar.

7.       Suunto Ambit Running Watch

Want a watch that can track your pace, mileage, look stylish, take splits and tell you your heart rate?  Suunto Ambit watch has that all covered and then some.  For the tech gurus, it also has thousands of sports apps available for free download.

8.       Light Up Shoe Laces

What’s more fun then light up running shoe laces?  These laces will actually make your shoes look like they have Christmas lights strung through them.  They would be a great stocking stuffer for any runner, and come in a variety of colors.

9.       Race Quilt

Race t-shirts can quickly build up.  A useful way to re-purpose them, without getting rid of them, is to make them into a quilt.  If you’re not a homemaker, don’t worry.  Race Quit will make your quilt for you, and you can choose the size, quilt thickness and if you want to personalize any special embroidery messages.

10.   Running fuel

Runners need fuel to keep going. Nut.com lets you decide what you want to put in trail mix including organic, kosher, gluten free or raw ingredients.

ragnar water bottle11.   Ragnar Gear

The Ragnar Store has several great gifts including a water bottle you can run with, a custom Ragnar medal hanger, tee-shirts, performance gear and more. Sometimes it’s the cute outfit you get to wear that will motivate you to train harder. We are offering 50% off on select items and free shipping on orders $75 or more with the code: RAGNARBELLS (valid through 10/12/2013).

12.   Foam Roller

Foam rollers will change a runner’s life. Stretch and roll out those IT bands after long runs to avoid runner’s knee. If your running buddy doesn’t already have one of these, this will be the gift they didn’t know they needed until they got it.

13.   Yoga Classes

Yoga is a great way to cross train for running. When you’re out there running on hard pavement or blazing the trail, it’s nice to treat your body to a peaceful yoga session that will restore your mind and stretch and strengthen your body in a different way.

14.   Hydration Backpack

For the long runs, sometimes a handheld water bottle just doesn’t do the trick. Your runner friend will love a light hydration backpack where they can also stash food, layers of clothing, a headlamp and other items they might need for a long run. Salomon makes some great hydration packs and belts that have been tested by the best trail runners in the world.

15.   Massage

A massage not only feels great, but it has great benefits for runners. It can help reduce muscle soreness, help speed up recovery and encourage injury healing. Treat your runner buddy to an awesome massage and motivate them to keep going the extra mile in every aspect of their life.

What other gift ideas do you have for runners? Leave us a comment below with your favorite ideas.

About Holly Klamer

Holly is a Ragnar Relay Ambassador and Guest Blogger who lives in Colorado. She is a registered dietitian with MS degree in nutrition and exercise science, and covers the nutrition beat for Blognar. She teaches nutrition at 2 colleges in Denver and has her own nutrition consulting business. She writes nutrition/fitness articles for various websites including Livestrong, Peertrainer and FitDay. She loves to run, travel, make raw desserts and drink tea.

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