2018 Ragnar Relay Race Shirts


We take pride in our race swag, just like you take pride in the fact that you survived a whole weekend without showering. Regardless of what you take pride in, we love to show off our race shirts after the weekend has ended. We tote these things around everywhere, and never pass up the opportunity to brag about our team when someone in the checkout isle says “What’s a Ragnar?” This year, our creative team has taken the extra time to design each shirt that has race specific details and we promise that Ragnarians will want to wear them year round.

Athletic Lifestyle Tee

Comfort level: 10/10

These shirts will be a staple in your daily wardrobe. No seriously, you will never take this thing off.

Functionality level: 11/10 (we might be biased)

Wear it to a soccer game, second cousin’s wedding, your annual ski trip, you name it! It looks and feels great in any environment.

Style level: 10/10

This year we’ll be providing shirts from our two title sponsors of the Ragnar Relay Series, Reebok and Salomon. Also, our creative team AKA our in-house fashionistas, have taken the extra time to design each and every custom shirt with trends in mind. This means, you might be fighting off your teenagers stealing this from your closet.

Unisex Shirts For Better Fit

At Ragnar HQ, we have countless meetings about creating the best swag for you and your team. These are things we debate, re-think, and lose sleep over. Our solution for providing great finisher shirts that will fit a broader range of runners is to go with unisex sizing. Have no fear, if your shirt doesn’t fit when you receive it on race day, we will have shirts at the finish line to get you a shirt that fits and looks great! Here is a sizing chart for your reference:

Creative photos inserted – Kelsey/Brandy
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