2017: Punniest Team Names at Ragnar Relay

When it comes to planning for your next Ragnar, first things first: Team Names.

Every veteran Ragnarian knows that the most creative and punny team names are an important component of experiencing Ragnar to the fullest.

We’ve picked our favorite team names from 2017 to help inspire you for years to come.

  1. Baby Got Track
  2. Slightly Slower than Usain Bolt
  3. We Got the Runzz
  4. But, Did You Die?
  5. Avo- Cardio
  6. Van Haulin
  7. We Like Big Runs
  8. Looney Prunes
  9. Zero Fox
  10. Russia Hacked The Race Results
  11. One Mile To Go…… April Fools!
  12. Donut Give Up
  13. Off Like a Prom Dress
  14. It’s Not Swagger… We’re Just Sore
  15. Whiskey Business
  16. Smooth Hopperators
  17. Llama, llama, red loop drama!
  18. The Moist Fun We’ve Ever Had
  19. S’more Miles To Go
  20. Blood Sweat and Beers
  21. I Can’t Feel My Legs When I’m With You
  22. Sea Forest Run
  23. Onward, Beaches!
  24. No Van Support
  25. Great Aches
  26. Little Freakin Rays of Sunshine
  27. Let’s Not Taco Bout Running
  28. Return of the Runs
  29. J.K. Rick Rowling
  30. Whaaaaaaaaaaat?
  31. What the Hill!
  32. Los Coyotes Ugly
  33. Captain Crunch and the Cereal Killers
  34. It’s Like Fun But Different
  35. Totally Cuddling 2Night


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