Top 10 Reasons to Make Magical Memories with Ragnar

Thinking of going all in and making Ragnar part of you running goals this year? Check out the top 10 reasons to run Ragnar Relay below. We’re a little biased, but we can’t blame ya’ for wanting to take the plunge and share unforgettable memories with your friends this year!

#1. It’s not just a running event.
Yes, you will run. And run! And, run again! But, with an entire weekend to spend with friends, there’s so much more.

#2. You’re so much stronger, together.
“If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” ~African proverb.

 #3. The challenge goes so much deeper…
Some legs are hard. Some are easy. But, sometimes it’s pushing yourself (and your team) to dig deep on day two after a long night with no sleep.

#4. Mother Nature’s best courses.
We mean it; these courses were hand-picked and designed for runners who love to take it all in. They are gorgeous, challenging pieces of art you’ll never forget.

#5. Sunsets are prettier when you’ve earned them.
Take your pick; there are endless ways to spend a well-earned sunset during Ragnar. Beaming after a super fast hill climb, catching your breath after you fly into the runners’ exchange, cheering your new-best-friends along the course, taking in the views of these spectacular courses. The list goes on…

#6. Sunrises are good for the soul.
How many sunrises have you watched in your lifetime? How many do you get to share with the best people, in the most beautiful places, in amazing moments like these?

#7. You will light up the night!
The real race begins once the sun goes down. The proverbial “witching hour,” when Ragnarians let loose and things get a little strange.

#8. Your inner wild won’t be found inside your comfort zone…
It takes a full weekend, two days, a long night, leaning on your friends (and lifting them up). This is where magical moments build amazing memories that last longer than your average endurance event.

#9. Your tribe exists just left of “normal.”
The people who are willing to conquer the course with you, to journey through this amazing adventure, and see it through to the end? The wild ones? Those are the good ones. Hang onto them.

#10. That bling, tho…
An accomplishment of this magnitude rewards runners with a legendary medal. One that says, “Did we really just do that?” Yes. Yes, you did.

Are you ready to experience something truly different? A relay adventure that tests your core, takes you to the most beautiful places on the earth, and forges bonds between you and your team that can’t always be explained? These are our top reasons. What are yours?

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