Ready To Chase The Moon?

The moon is an object of wonder and veneration, and this year Ragnarians will show their praise in a different way. On May 10th, under a May’s “Flower Moon,” Ragnarians will become united as a tribe of free-spirited adventure seekers as they run 6.7 miles, and collectively run enough miles to circle the moon again, and again.

Ragnar is about doing something together we could never do alone. Together, when 1,000 of us run 6.7 miles we’ll run 6,783 miles – enough miles to circle the moon. As it stands today, our Ragnar Tribe has enough members committed to run around the moon five times!

Explore your freedom to roam, and enjoy the satisfaction of knowing you joined thousands of devoted Ragnarians to do something strange and wonderful. Plus who else can say they PRd a planetary object?

Here are some tips to make the most out of this WILD adventure:
check the moonrise time
The moonrise, like the sunrise can be magical if you hit it just right. When the moon appears low on the horizon, it will appear orange-ish/yellow and the higher it gets it will transition to silver. The key to a magical moon-rise run is timing. The best time to experience a magical moon-rise run is near twilight – not full dark, but not daylight either. The moonrise, unlike the sunrise changes directions throughout the year. Because of the position of the sun, time of year, and the moon-cycle the moon-rise in your location will vary. For those on the East Coast, the moonrise will be before the sunset, so your best bet is to wait until it’s dark for a truly magical moon-lit run. Really want to dork out for a second? Check out the The Photographer’s Ephemeris to calculate the moon’s angle in your specific location on May 10th and the moonrise time to plan your run and route based on this information.
May 10th’s Flower Moon will be bright. Bright enough that it might make you have crazy impulses like howling like a wild coyote. But not bright enough that it makes it okay dismiss your need for safety gear. If you’re running in a park or in the city, wear a safety vest, taillight and use a headlamp. If you’re running the trails wear a headlamp, and use a hand flashlight for extra visibility. Running under a full moon is cool. Tripping and falling on your face because you can’t see is not.
join an existing
If Ragnar proves anything it’s that running is more fun with friends. Chase The Moon events have popped up around the country, from Chicago, to Salt Lake City, to London to San Francisco. Check out the existing Chase The Moon events the Ragnar Tribe has created on Facebook and Strava, and bring your friends!
start your own group
Don’t see an existing Chase The Moon event in your area? Be the pack leader and inspire others to join you on a wild moon-walk run. Here are some tips for planning a Chase The Moon Event in your area:

  • Get outside the city lights. Become connected with nature by running on a trail or in place where there isn’t tall buildings blocking views of the moon and preventing you from a truly moon-lit run. Bonus points for running near a body of water and taking in the moon’s mesmerising reflection.
  • Be specific about the location. Instead of simply detonating a trail or park, make your meet-up group obvious. Set up a table with ballons, or tell everyone who comes to wear a specific color so you can find each other easier. The last thing someone wants is to show up, and not be able to find your meet-up group.
  • Pick your start time strategically. If this challenge was about going on a 6.7 mile run and making it home in time for a perfect night’s sleep, it wouldn’t be a challenge. Like Ragnar, this challenge is meant to break you away from monotony and inspire you to see the word a little different. For East Coasters, and Mid-Westers the best moon-lit run will be after the sun sets. For West Coasters, plan to run around twilight. No matter where you run or what time you start, look up at the moon and make your world feel smaller knowing there 1000s others exploring this freedom under the Flower Moon with you.

Here are some fun facts about the moon to ponder as you take in its glow, and bask in the glory of this magical planetary object.

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