Ragnar’s Best Trail Team Names of All Time

Your team name is iconic. It’s like your last name, you wear it around proudly, shouting it from your campsite, and wearing it on every piece of clothing you own. After your first Ragnar, it becomes a competition to beat the year’s previous, and to be more clever than ever before. You chant it in the Village, and it soon becomes a part of your Ragnar history book. Some silly, some witty, some down right honest, but one thing is sure, they’re always creative. Our employees love coming across the best of the bunch, so we thought we would share them with you! Here are the top 30 best team names at Ragnar Trail:

Climb and Punishment
The sexy 6 and the other 2
Skid Marks
Tiny Hiney Club
Gotta Lap Em All
Faster than Congress
My knees, my back, da sweat dripping down my crack
Talk Nerdy To Me
Censored By Ragnar
Not My Best Decision
I got 99 trees…….but a Birch ain’t one!
We got the runs!
Don’t Stop Retrievin’, Hold on to That Feline!
The World’s Okayest CrossFitters
Tortoise Rigor Mortise
Get a Whiff of This
Leslie Knope 2020
Stupid Is As Stupid Does It Again
Where’s my Uber
J.K. Rick Rowling
Baby Got Track
Inglorious Blisterds
Me So Thorny
I’m not smiling. I just can’t breathe.
Runners get high? I thought that bill failed?
Hot Mess Express
Let the Good Times Run
Sweat, Regret and Oxygen Debt
Running From a Midlife Crisis
Do you have a team name you think belongs on the list? Add it in the comment section below!

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