Ragnar Trail Sustainability by the Numbers

This year, Ragnarians laced up their trail shoes in 19 different states. They conquered 293.5 miles of trail through the desert, up mountains, in jungles and under a billion stars and spent 684 hours running.

Throughout the season, Ragnar Trail Relays focused on the environmental impact of the races. 90% of the events were powered by solar power. Recycle and compost were available at each race to divert waste from the landfill and staff and volunteers helped clean the village and trails post-race to leave the area we fell in love with over two days better than we found it. This year, Ragnarians helped divert plastic water bottles, Styrofoam cups, safety pins and bibs from the landfill.

This is Ragnar Trail’s sustainability efforts by the numbers.

Thanks Ragnarians for helping us be environmentally friendly! Learn more about Ragnar Trail’s sustainability efforts here.

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