Ragnar Spotlight Athlete: Robert Blumenfeld

Robert is Ragnar’s very own rough rider! He can do pretty much anything. From mountain biking to coming up with creative solutions at Ragnar races from coast to coast. As we speak he is in Atlanta, hard at work making sure everything goes smoothly at our second live race of the season! Get to know Robert a little more.  

What’s your favorite part about working for Ragnar?

“I get to be outside and get paid… WHAT! I also like that I am asked on a daily basis to tackle new problems and come up with creative solutions. I’m not the artistic type, but I get tons of satisfaction from an elegant solution to a logistical or mechanical problem. That and I can blast music while working in a trailer, who wouldn’t love that.”

What’s your sport and how long have you been going at it?

“I grew up as a Soccer and Ultimate Frisbee player, but since living in Utah I have taken up the classic Utah sports… all of them. I love Mountain Biking with my dog Olive, rock climbing, trail running, rafting, snowboarding, and XC skiing in the winter. If I had to pick, Mountain Biking would be my sport. I’ve been getting after it for just over a year, but during furlough spent 4-5 days a week out on rides with Olive so I have progressed fast.”

What’s your fondest memory of mountain biking?

“My fondest memory was this past fall taking a mountain biking trip down to Southern UT with my childhood friends that are all big riders. Riding around on bikes with those guys makes me feel like a kid again, out on our bike terrorizing the cul-de-sac. Just now we are all in our 30’s and are more sore at the end of the day.”

Athletically speaking, did your younger self ever think you’d be doing what you’re doing now? 

“No, not at all.  I was much more attracted to video games, computers, and generally being indoors most of the time. I fell in love with the challenge of the outdoors during my military service. There is nothing quite like spending a full 24 (or more) hours outdoors, experiencing the changes in light, weather, color as the Earth turns.”

How do you balance work your personal life and staying active?

“I have a hound…  she requires activity so I have no choice in the matter.”

What’s your favorite Ragnar memory? 

“Appalachians 2018 – A beautiful race and in classic West Virginia fashion we had a massive thunder/lightning storm rolled in on Friday night. As I am getting my rain gear on to get a radio from the Race Director, Alex Docta, asking me to get running clothes on and head out to sweep the Red loop. I get suited up, grab a radio and take off into the night to usher runners off the course. It is raining really hard and I arrive at the section of trail known as The Crack, leap over a boulder and land in a puddle knee-deep! I completed the loop with thunder and lightning banging around, get to the village. Alex looks at me, completely drenched, and says he got a report of a lost runner that was missed by a sweep, could I go back out. So I tore off again, found the runner and we hunkered down at an aid station until someone came to get us in the UTV. Just an epic adventure in the dark, rain, and beautiful forest!”

The classic question: Who is on your dream Ragnar team? 

1) Steve Prefontaine – We are both Ducks and he is a legend! 2) Geddy Lee – because everyone needs pump-up music and who better! 3) Speedy Gonzales – he’s speedy… duh.

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