Ragnar Spotlight Athlete: Jay Ell Alexander – CEO Of Black Girls Run!

Our next inspiring and talented Athlete of April is the incredible Jay Ell Alexander. She is a mother, runner, and CEO of Black Girls Run!

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Lebron James
Serena Williams

 Why did you start running? 

I started running after hitting a heavier weight after graduate school and dating my husband. I was working two jobs, graduate school, and fell in love. This put on about 30 pounds! In 2010, I went for a regular doctor’s checkup and at 23 years old, my blood pressure was way too high. I had a doctor tell me to change my diet and physical activity and did not want me to go down the road of medication – but really pushed me to make a lifestyle change.

What inspired you to step up to lead the amazing Black Girls Run? 

I love this organization and love the women in our organization even more! I want to take this organization to the next level and continue to empower women to hit the pavement and make our community healthier. They inspire me!

When did you first learn about Ragnar? What was your first race?

I first learned about Ragnar after seeing a woman in Long Island post about her experience. It honestly made me nervous! When we created the national partnership a few years ago, I figured if we are working with Ragnar, I need to know who I am working with, so that really pushed me to sign up to do my first race which was Chattanooga to Nashville road race in 2018. It was amazing!

How has Ragnar supported the goals of BGR in the years of partnership?

Ragnar has really understood and supported our mission of increasing diversity and representation in spaces like this. It has been so awesome to see more Black women really embrace the outdoors through their experience with Ragnar.

Why should someone become a Ragnarian? 

Because everyone wants to be a bad azz! It builds personal development, community, determination, removes fear and you just have an amazing time!

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