Ragnar Spotlight Athlete: Gabe Arnold

Today our spotlight Athlete of April is Gabe Arnold. He is the founder of Runners Doing Good. I mean it doesn’t get better than that! Learn more about Gabe and his awesome organization.

How many Ragnars has “Runners Doing Good” done?

“We ran our first 5 Ragnars, starting in 2015 as ‘Runnin’ Not Walken,’ running Ragnar Chicago 3 times, 2015-2017, and then Ragnar Michigan in 2018 and 2019. During that time  we changed our name to better reflect who we were (Runners Doing Good), and we have raised more than $27,000 for charity here in our home town of Fort Wayne, IN.”

What is “Runners Doing Good?”

“We pride ourselves in being a group of average joes who regularly finish about in the middle of the pack but still achieve a lot through our charitable work. It’s led to the funding of more than 2,000 books for hospitalized children and the warming of 5 area homes through the funding of the repair or replacement of furnaces in area homes. We support those putting the work in on the ground and we’ve been proud that our running, something as epically crazy as a Ragnar Relay, helps shine a little bit of light on something great and that people support those causes because of us.”

We kind of have to ask…Why Ragnar?

“When Ragnar talks about feeling the ‘sense of joy that comes through accomplishing something together that we couldn’t do alone’… that’s us to a T. Individually none of us could pull off a fundraising campaign like this on our own. It takes a great team, great local businesses getting behind us, and most importantly, amazing donors who keep pushing us to run faster, raise more, and accomplish more than we could ever imagine.”

Did you ever think you’d have this much impact? What are your goals moving forward?

“In 2015, we never thought we’d be able to raise $1,000 or really run a Ragnar very well. But 6 years later, we’re still here and as excited as ever for Ragnar Michigan. 2021 is going to be a great year because there’s so much to be thankful for. We still have our health and that’s enough but we have unfinished work from 2020 to get after. We can’t wait to tackle the course up in Grayling and raise a ton of money for NeighborLink Fort Wayne, our charity of choice. So far, we’ve had our best fundraising month ever in March which sets us well on our way to toppling our $5,000 goal sooner than later. We are looking forward to setting new goals to push that number even higher.”

Who would you pick to be on your dream Ragnar team?

“Great question. I’ve had some great friends and family members run on our team and I have felt like we’ve had some dream teams already BUT if I had to pick 3, I’d take my wife Jennifer as one because once she started running Ragnars with us, it’s been an incredible adventure to share together. I’d also pick Tim Green. He’s a runner from Colorado who’s much more accomplished than I am but he’s been a huge supporter of our team and I haven’t had the opportunity to meet him yet. Having him on the team would be awesome. Lastly, I’d pick Pro Ultra Runner Justin Grunewald. The guy has been through a ton and despite everything, he’s maintained such a positive attitude. Plus he’s an unbelievable runner so he’d be amazing to share the road or trail with I’m sure.”

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