Ragnar Runs for Bekoji

Where It Started
This past Fall, we asked Ragnarians to join in with Girls Gotta Run Foundation, to take on a special challenge called, Day of the Girl. The event asked runners to log 6.2 miles each on October 11th, to help raise funds for a relay event in Bekoji, Ethiopia. This 100 mile ultra relay is the first of it’s kind in Ethiopia, running from the biodiverse Bale Mountains to Ethiopia’s grassroot capital of long distance running – Bekoji. A female organized and executed event, the GGRF relay features girls from the GGRF Program in Bekoji and international athletes. Our Ragnar nation did not disappoint! We raised $8,000 and had over 4,200 participants. They showed us that when you have a community behind you, you can do anything. Now, here’s the next chapter.

Race Details
GGRF is holding their relay on January 7-12, 2019, and we’re sending TWO of our Ragnar employees! Allison, our customer service guru, and Angela, our project marketing manager will travel 8600 miles to Bekoji, for one memorable experience.

This trip provides the unique opportunity to see Bekoji through the eyes of the GGRF Athletic Scholars. Meet the girls, families, and coaches that make Bekoji the running Mecca of Ethiopia. In joining this trip, participants provide two sponsorships for GGRF Athletic Scholars and their families, investing in the future prosperity of the girls who are running the Ultra Relay. Celebrate the resilience of girls and women by joining us for this once in a lifetime experience in Ethiopia. We are paying for each employee’s trip and expenses in Ethiopia. However, with this trip, we ask our employees to fundraise for one scholarship each ($1200 per person) for the GGRF. Every little bit counts to help us reach our goal!

Scholarships Include:
The GGRF Athletic Scholarship is a three year program that provides girls with scholarships to attend school, to complete our extra curricular life skills, mentoring, leadership and entrepreneurial courses, and to participate on the GGRF running team.

Each Athletic Scholar receives the following:

• Full scholarship to attend secondary school, including healthcare for student and her mom, daily meals, uniform, books, tutoring, access to school clubs and library, showers and space to wash clothes on the weekend.
• Completion of the GGRF/Center for Creative Leadership Life Skills Curriculum developed to create safe spaces for girls and provide experiential learning modules on family planning, financial literacy, HIV/AIDS awareness, nutrition, healthy relationships, leadership, and creative expression.
• Running clothes, shoes and healthy snacks for the year
• Entrance and transportation to Ethiopian races throughout the year
• Oversight of a coach and running mentor
• Savings Group and Entrepeneurship training for the mothers of the Athletic Scholars

Thank you from all of us at Ragnar! Donate here

To read more about Girls Gotta Run Foundation:

GGRF is the only non-profit organization in Ethiopia using the national sport of running as an innovative approach to creating safe spaces, ending child marriage and expanding access to secondary school for vulnerable girls. GGRF invests in girls and their families to create long-term paths for self-reliance and financial resiliency.

Through the development of strong partnerships with local and international organizations and with the support of an enormous number of individuals, Girls Gotta Run Foundation has cultivated several successful projects that empower Ethiopian women runners and their communities. In each of the projects that Girls Gotta Run Foundation has co-created and supported, female athletes have been reaching their educational, athletic and individual goals. Additionally, many of the projects have become financially self-sustaining through their involvement with Ethiopian institutions. Take a look at some of the ways Girls Gotta Run Foundation has supported Ethiopian women runners in reaching their fullest potential since 2007.

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