Ragnar Returns to Napa Valley in 2018!

It’s your chance to drink in the views with your team! This year, you’ll be able experience the scenic Napa Valley course that make this Ragnar’s most popular destination running event while helping communities affected by last year’s wildfires.

Here are 3 reasons you should register for the 2018 Reebok Ragnar Napa Valley:

  • The course is breathtakingly beautiful – Want to have a nice Cabernet Sauvignon as your recovery beverage of choice? Are you in it to Zin it? Here’s a few more Reislings to run: You and your team will enjoy views of the sea, run across the Golden Gate Bridge, stay up late in wine country and finish as a victorious team.
  • Be a part of Napa’s comeback story – While most of the course was unaffected, some of our partner communities were impacted. This return year promises to be special with designated “giveback exchanges” featuring ways to donate locally. Ragnar will also be announcing some special local donations.
  • Limited spots for the best year ever!- This will prove to be one of the most special Napa events we will ever host. It’s your opportunity to enjoy epic scenery, to run in wine country with your friends and to do some good for the community.

There’s a limited number of teams available for the 2018 Reebok Ragnar Napa Valley lottery, and this is your only chance to get in. Join the lottery before it fills up!

You can see all the details on how the lottery works here

Q: Will the previous course be the same?
A: Most of the course will remain the same, however, there are sections of the course (legs 26-33) that will have some rerouting due to damage sustained in the wildfires.
Q: Will our team be able to find lodging and accommodations during the race?
A: Yes! You’ll have no trouble finding accommodations.
Q: Does any of our registration fee go to help the communities in Napa?
A: Yes – while we’re still working on this part, we will take a portion of your registration to go to a charity chosen by Ragnar.
Q: Why is Ragnar going back so soon?
A: Napa communities are eager to have Ragnarians return. Tourism is a major source of income for the Napa region and one of the best way we can support the community is by enjoying the views (and beverages) that have made Napa Valley a world-renowned destination and one of Ragnar’s most popular races.

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