Ragnar Night Running Guide

The night run: It’s as much a part of Ragnar as slap bracelets and van decorations. But, we’ll admit, it can be intimidating to run in the dark. That’s why, Ragnar and Nathan have teamed up to create The Night Running Guide to help you and your team prep for the night run. Get it here – for tips, tricks and recommendations that you’ll need to conquer the dark!

Our night running guide includes:

Night time running tips for noobs
“I’m not afraid of the dark, you’re afraid of the dark!” But for real… we’re all a little afraid of the dark. Learn how to conquer your fears.

Night time gear that’s backed by Ragnar experts
Ever run without a flashlight and headlamp? That’s one mistake we’d love to eliminate! Find our top picks for night time running products.

Night time selfie tips
“How am I going to get a good selfie?” Okay, so maybe it’s not your first reaction when you get to a Ragnar, but somewhere along the line you’ve thought of it.

Plus, night time testimonials and more!

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