Ragnar Captain’s Appreciation Week 2018

Let your captain know you love them!
There’s simply no words that can capture the gratitude we all have for your team captains. So, We’re using gifts, words, and goofy music. Here’s a couple ways to let them know you love them.

  1. Say ‘thanks for the slap-happy memories’ by sending your captain a special gift just for Ragnar captains. Get your captain a gift here.
  2. We’ve made 7 of these little dittys (using the ditty app) that you can download and share to try and convey the deep sense of irreverent gratitude for captains who made your Ragnar teams so memorable. Send one to your captain and let them know how you truly feel. If you’d like to make your own, you can download the Ditty app here.

Here’s a few of our favorite captain Dittys:

Stinky van = Happy memories

Ragnar captain a.k.a. Keeper of baby wipes

Seriously, you better Venmo your captain their $50…

However you say it, make sure you take a moment this week to thank the captains who planned, prepared, and made your Ragnar experiences so sweet.

We asked Ragnarians to share what they love about their captains and here are a few of our favorite stories:

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  • Both our Captain and Co-Captain were nothing short of awesome!!!! Myra and Sergio made sure we were fed and hydrated and that there would be no excuses for a “stinky van!” And we had a blast!!!

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