Questions You May Have After Joining a Ragnar

Joining a Ragnar team takes a lot of commitment – we know from experience 😉 From planning your training schedule, to meeting up with long distance teammates, to finding your start time, we understand it can feel like a lot to figure out. We’re going to go through the many thoughts a first time Ragnarian may have, and the answers to help you get where you need to go!
1: I purchased a team, I sent invites to my runners but they haven’t received them! What do I do?
A: Sometimes different email hosts won’t allow our emails, or they get stuck in a spam filter. If you’ve checked all of these options, or they have opted out of Ragnar emails, please contact customerser[email protected] and let them know you need your invites resent!
2: Help! It’s almost race day, and the maps are still different! What do I do?
A: Ugh – we’re sorry that the maps are different. Sometimes, we get so close to the deadline and an exchange gets moved. We try to avoid this but, if it’s the day of the race and you’re wondering what to do, talk with our staff at Ragnar HQ to double check and always check the “updates” section online.

3: One of our runners got injured, so what do we do now?
A: This is a question we get often! It’s tricky but, there are a few options. The first option would be replacing the injured runner. You can reach out to friends, family, or maybe a funny co-worker! Running doesn’t have to be their sport, it’s all in good fun. If you can’t convince anyone to join, check out our Facebook events to see if there is an event page for your race. Our runners often post in those discussions when looking for a runner, or a team opening. We also have a “Find A Runner Tool” that you can find in your Ragnar account. Log into your account, and on the right have side, there will be a sidebar with information for individuals or teams to search for a specific race, and team requirement.
4: We have to sleep in our van? Tent? Car?
A: At our road series events, most runners pack a sleeping bag, and cozy up to each other in their van. Or they take a quick cat nap at specified exchanges and call it a day. We can’t promise a lot of sleep on road, but hey, it’s part of the adventure!
On our trail series events, our runners always pack a tent (unless you’ve got one of those fandangled RV’s), and *typically* sleep during the evening hours. The Ragnar Village comes alive during the daytime, but it’s not required to participate.. although, we wish you would!

5: Can my (dog, child, parrot, mother in law) come to the Ragnar with us?
A: Listen… we LOVE animals, but, you cannot bring them along unless you have an ADA compliant service animal. You may say, but my dog is SOOOO nice. We know. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate them at Ragnar. However, your mother in law is definitely able to come along for the ride. Heck, add her to the team roster! We encourage all runner levels to participate.
6: I can’t see where to sign up for our volunteer slot…. what’s the deal?
A: If you’ve stumbled upon your Ragnar account and are unable to see any volunteer slots, look for an email from us that has a direct link. We usually send it out a few weeks in advance. If you’re still having trouble, you can either email us at [email protected] OR, wait until race weekend and pick your spot at HQ.
7: We want our money back, because the dates just won’t work anymore. What do we do?
A: Unfortunately all race registrations are non-refundable. You can transfer your team through Ragnar customer service with an additional fee, or, you can sell your spot to 12 other individuals that would like to run. It’s up to you!
8: My mom’s best friend’s son is looking for a team, can you help us find a spot?
A: We have a variety of options for finding a team. The most efficient option is to find the Facebook page event that they would like to run, and browse through the discussion board. Many teams will post about an opening, or another individual who would like to start a team themselves. The next option is to use our “Find a Runner Tool”. Log into your account, and on the right have side, there will be a sidebar with information for individuals or teams to search for a specific race, and team requirement. Or, if you’re still having trouble, join one of our regional group pages on Facebook and see if anyone is on the search too! You may be in luck 🙂
9: Why isn’t there any info about showers?
A: Unless the race webpage lists amenities, they may not be available. We cannot guarantee showers at every race. Sorry! Baby wipes for the win!

10: Half my team dropped. Can I run without them?
A: You can! You’ll have to pick up their legs or, you can run your assigned legs, skip over your dropped runners, however, you will not qualify to place for your division. Remember, running is not always about competition. Embrace the changes, and enjoy your weekend!
If you have any other questions, feel free to ask in the comments section!

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