Whether you are a beginner at running, or a 50 year veteran, injury can happen at the spur of a moment. We’ve partnered with KT Tape to bring you tips to preventing injury, as well as recovery products that are essential for every Ragnar post-race Ragnover! Scroll to the bottom for taping how-to videos for extra info and FAQs!

Before Your Run
We all know that training for a Ragnar events can be strenuous. It is smart to do whatever you can to protect yourself from injury in the weeks leading up to the big race. This can include warming up properly before every training run, keeping yourself hydrated, and using KT Tape on any areas that have caused you pain in the past, or start to become agitated. You can use KT Tape’s PRO and PRO Extreme tape to help support muscles tendons, and ligaments for up to a whole week! If you tend to develop blisters, the Blister Prevention Tape is a must, and very simple to apply. If you do happen to get a blister, you can use a KT Tape Blister Treatment Patch to seal, protect, and aid in healing the area. Let’s make sure you are feeling your best when race-day arrives!
During Your Run
Ragnar puts your body to the test; you are running so many miles within a small period of time. Depending on the course, different muscles and joints will end up taking a lot of force and become painful. The KT Tape website has 60+ videos to show you how to apply tape to any area on your body – common targeted areas associated with running are: feet, knees, ankles, IT band, and lower back. Applying your tape the day before your race gives the adhesive ample time to set, and can allow the tape to last throughout the weekend! Do not fret – once it is fully adhered, it can withstand water and sweat so you may shower, swim, and run without removing it!
After Your Run
Recovery is one of the most essential elements in exercising. In addition to your normal recovery routine, you may want to check out the KT + Recovery line of products that can enhance your post-race experience. Their Recovery Patch can be used on sore muscles, swollen areas, and even the bottoms of your feet! If you would like to heat, ice, and roll out any soreness, the new Ice + Heat Massage Ball can do all three! Feeling good after your race will let you enjoy the glory of being a Ragnarian rather than struggling to walk!
KT Tape is available at most Ragnar Road and Trail events – make sure to stop by their booth for expert taping!
For more taping basics and follow-up videos, check out their how-to videos: KT Tape

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