5 Tips for Newbie Trail Captains

You’re a modern day Lewis, Clark or Sacagawea. You have trail blazing in your blood and mud permanently caked on your shoes, which makes you the first choice as team captain for a Ragnar Trail. So grab your headlamp, map and tent and get ready to lead your team to greatness. These five tips will help you succeed at being team captain.
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Tip One: Read the Trail Guide
Read it, then read it again, memorize it and sleep with it under your pillow. The Ragnar Official Trail Guide has the answers to all your race day questions from rules and regulations to logistics to course maps. It’s located under the “Updates” section on your race page under both the “updates” tab and the “trail guide” tab.

Tip Two: Use Lists and Google Docs
As team captain, you’ll coordinate who brings what, how your team is getting to the venue and how much food you need. Use the Ultimate Packing List and a Google Doc to delegate who brings what. Or just ask your backpacker friend who owns everything to join your team.

Tip Three: Plan Ahead
Now is the time to harness all of your organizational powers to plan early. Register during early registration (or VIP if you’re a returner) to get the lowest price for your team. Plus, it will give you time to look for cheap flights or other travel options. And, the more time you have to build your team, the more options you’ll have. For more tips on building your team, visit the Build your Team page.

Tip Four: Read the Blog
In addition to awesome stories of total bada**es conquering Ragnar trail, the blog has tips and tricks to be the best captain ever. Comb through the blog to find tips on things like, training tips, how to build a team, awesome team names, safety information and more.

Tip Five: Be Flexible
We don’t want to say something is for sure going to throw a wrench in your plans, but something is for sure going to throw a wrench in your plans. Whether it’s someone’s flight being delayed, forgetting your tent, a teammate getting injured or the weather being unpredictable, you have to be ready to roll with the punches. Eventually, the story about all eight of you cuddling by the fire pit in your sleeping bag to keep warm will be a story you tell over and over and over again.

It’s time to lead your team to new and unexplored lands! Click here to find your bucket list Ragnar Trail.

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