5 Tips for Creating a Last Minute Ragnar Trail Team

With miles of trails, a massive camp out with your best friends and the promise of staying up all night, Ragnar Trail is built for those with a sense of adventure. In teams of eight, you’ll each run three loops relay style through the woods, over mountains and in the desert. Maybe it’s been on your bucket list for some time or maybe you’re just hearing of it and it’s igniting your intrepid spirit. Even with the registration deadline approaching fast, you can still rally the troops and put together a team of people who are just as curious and crazy as you. Here are 5 tips to building a last minute Ragnar Trail Team.

One: Start by Asking Your Friends
We don’t want to break it to you, but your friends already know you’re a bit crazy. Maybe it’s the fact that you have a new hobby every time they talk to you, maybe it’s because you’re somewhere new every weekend or maybe it’s because you seem to never stop moving. But, they’re also just waiting for you to suggest their next crazy adventure. See who in your groups are interested in having an unforgettable experience running the trails with you. One or two people is enough to build a team on.

Two: Sign Up Your Team, Fill it Later
Don’t be hit by a sense of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) post-registration. Sign up your team now to secure your spot at the start and fill all the open spots afterward. Registration typically closes a month before the race and there are always runners looking to jump on a team a few weeks and few days before the start.
Three: Use the Find a Runner Tool
This magical tool is available for captains on the team profile. It’s a bit like runner speed dating: you can use it to search for runners who are interested in finding a team at your specific race. Narrow your search by age, pace and gender to build the perfect team. Click here to learn how to build out your team using the Find a Runner tool.

Four: Don’t Stress the Details
Just like a pug at the Westminster Dog Show, it doesn’t have to be pretty to get the job done. There are several ways you can repurpose and use your resources, and still have the complete Ragnar Experience:

  • Use the camping gear in your closet
  • Run with less than eight people (your crazy friends can always pick up an extra leg or two)
  • Visit thrift stores for costumes and outfits
  • Don’t go for a PR, go for the experience. It’s okay if you’re undertrained. Enjoy being in a beautiful place with your (old and new) friends. Look forward to the medal at the finish and a huge medal afterward.

Five: Run with Your Co-Workers
Are you dying to see what your boss looks like in a tutu? Or if that one guy two desks over ever smiles? Or what the receptionist listens to on her headphones? Ragnar is the perfect colleague bonding without ever having to answer “describe your workplace in three words.” With the Ragnar Corporate program, you can get your team covered by your company’s health benefits or partner with a charity to run for a good cause. Learn more here.

So stop waiting around and find your next Ragnar Trail adventure. Search for your next race here.

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