5 Things You Need to Know About The Buddy Pass

Running at night is often times the favorite of Ragnarians. The temps are cooler, the stars are out, and for some, it is a new experience. It also can be intimidating, especially if you are new to running at night. We encourage you to conquer the fear and you’ll probably find it was your favorite run….ever! However, if for some reason, you feel it is unsafe to run one of your legs, you can use a “Buddy Pass”.

1. Anyone can use it! Yes, even if you’re not afraid of the dark! However, if you plan to use The Buddy Pass, you have to notify Ragnar staff prior to your leg!

2. If your team decides to use The Buddy Pass, you cannot qualify for placement in a division. We’d love to give every single team an award, but we cannot verify every single distance after using The Buddy Pass.

3. The Buddy Pass allows you to run with your teammates, but what if your teammates aren’t able to run with you? We have ANOTHER option! It’s called a running pacer. This option allows someone who might not be on your team to stay with you during your night legs. This option still allows you to qualify for a division!

4. Are you multi-talented and like to dabble in both Road and Trail Relays? Wow, you’re a superstar! One thing to note about The Buddy Pass option is that it is not available at Ragnar Trail.

5. The Buddy Pass is great for many people who:
– Are not comfortable running alone.
– Feel unsafe.
– Need extra motivation during some long legs.
– Get lost pretty easily.
– Need someone to take all the selfies.
– Are inseparable from their BFFL.
But mostly the first three 😉

Whatever you decide to do based on your running experience, be sure to always follow the Ragnar staff guidelines and know when to be aware of your surroundings. We want each and every runner at Ragnar to have a great experience, and minimize the possibility of injury or harm. Please be safe and comment below with any questions!

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