4 Things You’ll Love at a Ragnar Trail Relay

You did it. You’ve committed, in one way or another, to running a Ragnar Trail Relay. Maybe you gave your team captain your entry fee. Maybe you’re stepping in for an injured runner. (Maybe you lost a bet?) Whatever the case, you’re in. AND you’re in for a treat!

You have so many reasons to be excited for this moment, this adventure, that you’ve probably overlooked some of the things we just know you’re going to love. Here are 5 things you’ll come to love at a Ragnar Trail Relay (and that you won’t find anywhere else!).

It’s easy being green
A lot of people talk the talk, but now you can walk the walk. Our events are green. Like, really green. Check out our sustainability efforts and find out what we’re doing to minimize our footprint on these remarkably beautiful courses all around the world. We’ve partnered with Leave No Trace, we recycle all materials at the event and work with local vendors reduce any impact on the environment.

Speaking of your feet…
Ever wanted to take an actual test run in a new pair of trail running shoes before you buy? Join Merrell for an exclusive green loop run on Thursday evening and test out their trail running shoes. The Merrell team will be hanging out all weekend to chat about gear and the power of trail. Make sure to swing by their space to learn more.

A finisher’s medal worthy of your next wilderness epic!
It’s a medal! It’s a bottle opener! It’s a SPORK! (It’s even TSA approved!) Since everything about Ragnar Trail Relays is sustainable, it just wouldn’t do to have a finisher’s medal that wasn’t totally rad but also functional. Have fun showing it off when you’re camping with friends, casually use it at your next big company lunch, pack it with you when you travel. It’s pretty versatile.

That moment when your team becomes your tribe
You know there’s probably gonna be a moment, in spite of all the fun, when you’ll be tired, sore, and grumpy. Maybe the weather gods will smite you. Maybe your headlamp will run out of juice. It could just be a long day of steep climbs followed by a stumble in the dirt. At some point, a little voice in your head will wonder who’s idea this was. Sure, it’s fun to push yourself, but now it’s getting hard! On the trails at night, dark thoughts start to creep in. That’s when the real race begins and the secret-sauce of Ragnar Trail Relays kicks in. Your team will become your tribe and your friends won’t let you down. They’ll rally and pick you up. They know that the whole point of running together, on the trails out in nature, is about finding your inner wild. You’ll push through, finish strong, and wonder where the next adventure will take you. Together.

It really is an experience you’ll have to discover on your own. And there are so many things to look forward to. Maybe you’re looking forward to your team’s pre-race rituals. Or maybe it’s the great stories you’ll come back with. Maybe it’s simply getting to run wild all weekend long. What are you most looking forward to?

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